Nautical Office Space by Home Bunch!

I am loving this nautical office space in this home!!  

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Turquoise Thursday!

turquoise sofa

turquoise suitcases
turquoise dish set

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Make a Statement with Your Home Lighting!

Ways to Make a Statement with Your Home Lighting

There are many ways to stamp your personality on a room, but lighting is one of the most stunning. Painting a wall is easy and will attract attention if you use a bold colour, but lighting is more subtle. Strategically placed lights will enhance the décor and draw attention to key features in the room. The right lighting really transforms a room, so it pays to get your lighting designs spot on if you want to make the right statement.

Different Types of Lighting

There are many different types of lighting to choose from. Ceiling lights provide a central light whereas wall lights are more subtle. You also have table lamps and floor lamps to consider, which are great if you need extra illumination in a specific part of your room.

Decide in advance whether you are going for a modern or traditional lighting scheme. To a degree, the existing style of your home will play a part in the decision making process, but don’t be afraid of mixing up different styles, as this can make a great design statement.

Feature Lighting

Use feature lighting to draw attention to a specific area, such as a dining room table. Feature lighting could be a grand chandelier or a gorgeous art-deco table lamp. Show off your personality by choosing a stand-out lamp for your room and work the rest of your lighting scheme around it.

Room Lighting

Different rooms benefit from different types of light. For example, modern pendant lighting is great for kitchens. You can provide lighting over a table or breakfast bar. Combine a stylish pendant light with modern ceiling spot lights and your kitchen will look fabulous.

Living rooms are different. Here, a feature light in the form of a grand chandelier will work well, accompanied by a selection of artfully chosen table lamps and floor lamps. Illuminate dark corners with a small table lamp or provide task lighting in a workstation.

Mood Lighting

Lighting affects mood, so if you want to show off your playful side, make the most of modern coloured lighting. There are lots of cool lighting accessories available online. You can install coloured lighting, which changes according to your mood. Install coloured cabinet lighting in the kitchen or turn the kids’ playroom into a fun place to hang out with disco lights.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

Once you have chosen your feature light, start working the rest of the lighting designs scheme around this. For example, if your feature light is a sculptural chandelier, a real piece of art, look for sympathetic lighting for the rest of the room.

The way you light your room has a huge impact on the décor. Bright lights alter the colour and low lighting creates a more romantic ambiance, which is useful for bedrooms. Mix and match your lamps for greater effect. You don’t need to invest in five identical lamps for your living room. Mismatched lights can work seamlessly together with great effect; it’s more about how you want to light your space.

Grown Up Nautical Style Living Room!

“Give your living room grown-up nautical style with this smart take on the Long Island look. Start with a traditional dark wood and cream palette and add accents of smart navy on tailored upholstery, soft furnishings and geometric-weave flooring.” 
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Do-It-Yourself Nautical Craft Pumpkin!

If you have some time and fun nautical fabric; give this DIY craft a try!!

Full Tutorial Here!

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