Turquoise Thursday!

turquoise sofa

turquoise suitcases
turquoise dish set

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DIY Seashell Candles!!

diy beach seashell crafts

We love candles and seashells so why not put them together?  We came across this easy DIY for seashell candle making. Enjoy!!

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How to Decorate a Beach House!!

how to decorate a beach house
“The master bedroom needs to be, first of all, relaxing and calm. Here we have a perfect décor with pale green walls, large widows with sea views, a double bed with colorful pillows and nightstands matching the bedding.” 
breakfast nook in beach house
“The breakfast nook is also a very important area. It’s the place where you can have your breakfast while also admiring the beautiful views of the sea and the space that you’ll see in the morning and where you’ll basically start your day so it needs to be impeccable. Here we have a casual approach with a braided rag rug, blue and yellow chairs and a white table. The views for this particular area are very important.”
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Kartell: Practical and Sleek Home Furnishings!

Practical and Sleek: Kartell Uses Plastics in Home Furnishings
Working from their home base in Milan, Italy, Kartell Furniture has been putting out cutting-edge, chic home furnishings since the 1950s. With a chemical engineer and an architect at the helm of the company, their home furnishings blend the best of technology and design into functional, comfortable, and stylish pieces. The company crafts home furnishings, accessories, and lighting from injected mold plastics that allow for fluidity of construction and sleek pieces. You don’t have to travel all the way to their Milan showrooms; Lumens offers Kartell furniture via their online shop at great prices, making it easy and convenient to have great style shipped right to your door.

Modern Meets Retro

Adams Homes explains that as in the case of fashion, home décor styles trends often cycle back to pull inspiration from popular trends of the past. Among some of the most popular revivals of style include the molded plastic furniture of the 1950s and 60s. Curved lines and seamless seating were popular in the time, as were bold colors like turquoise and mint green. These shapes and colors are again in vogue as good choices for accent pieces such as lamps and chairs. Kartell has been crafting molded plastic furniture pieces since the trend started over fifty years ago and they have modernized the look of the retro style by keeping their chairs, tables, and occasional pieces low profile and high style.

While the retro plastic pieces were trying to look futuristic in the midst of the Space Race between the U.S. and Russia, the goal of contemporary furnishings is to be minimalistic and functional, which typically ends up in well done pieces resembling sculpture rather than just an ordinary chair. Take, for example, the Invisible Table by Kartell: the piece is sturdy and provides ample surface space, but its nearly transparent materials and straight edges leave a low visual impact that is both unobtrusive and elegant. The piece was inspired by Japanese minimalism.

As Adam Homes.com points out, color make a huge impact on style. Black and chrome are classically sleek and contemporarily relevant, seen in both indoor and outdoor furnishings. Bold colors are also making a comeback as deep reds, burnt orange, bright greens, and mellow yellows that were popular from the 50s through the 70s are being brought back into play in the form of accent pieces, arm chairs, and lamps. Using bold colors is a chic way to infuse an otherwise practical, neutral furniture suite with a bit of modern flair, trying new trends without changing everything in your room.

Benefits of Plastic and Chrome

There are many benefits to plastic and chrome furnishings both for indoor and outdoor use. One of the major pros of owning either the vintage pieces from the 50s and 60s or the modern interpretation of that style is that the furniture is durable. Unlike wood or fabric furnishings, molded plastic is far less likely to stain, will not tear, and is harder to scratch or gouge than wood. Kartell’s new plastic compound is even more scratch resistant than traditional plastic furniture, making their piece a great choice for anyone with young children or pets.

In addition to being durable and long lasting, plastic furnishings are simple to clean. Exile suggests simply soaking a soft sponge (not the kind with the abrasive scrubbing side) in a mild detergent and water or a non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner, and gently wiping away any stuck on debris or rings from drinks, etc. It used to be that plastic furniture was prone to staining, but the new high quality indoor furnishings, like those produced by Kartell, are stain resistant. Exile also explains that there is a way to get rid of stains that may occur. The site suggests using peroxide to remove yellowing that may be caused by a chemical reaction between chemicals in the plastic and UV light from the sun. In order to reap the benefits of owning plastic indoor and outdoor furnishings, their durability, practicality, and simplicity, you should make sure you purchase quality pieces that are made from highly engineered plastic compounds.

Blending Old and New

Kartell furnishings have permeated the home furniture market for the past seventy-plus years. They remain relevant by taking old ideas and infusing them with modern flare. Such is the case with their current line of injection molded plastic furniture for indoor and outdoor use. The furnishings blend the plastic and chrome that was popular in the days of the Baby Boomers with high tech engineering that makes plastics sturdier, more durable, and easier to keep looking new. The company has also melded retro design with contemporary concerns of minimalist beauty to create home furnishings that are both functional and sculptural, making your next chair not just a place to sit, but also a piece of art. Lumens offers Kartell furniture that can be purchased in the comfort of your own home and shipped right to your front door, simply and efficiently adding style to your home décor.

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Tropical Capiz Chandelier!

ombre capiz chandelier
Transform your bedroom or dining room into a tropical sanctuary. “Rows of delicate capiz shells in tonal colors dangle from a circular frame, just waiting to catch the next breeze.”

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DIY SeaGlass Backsplash!

diy seaglass backsplash
Using pieces and remnants of sea glass try this fun new way to decorate a back splash in a bathroom or kitchen!!

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