New Fun Glassware from Ocean Styles!!

sealife shatterproof glassware

These gorgeous shatterproof wine glasses featuring assorted blue and aqua sea life images are fun… and easy to clean! Perfect for a party or everyday use!

flip flop quote wine glasses

You’ll love this set of 4 frosted and hand-painted wine glasses with their colorful design and fun flip flop accents!

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Daniella Cancer fundraiser profile

Childhood Cancer: Help Us Make a Wish Come True

Today’s blog post is far from “beachy” or involved with decorating in the least; however it’s extremely important. The topic of cancer is near and dear to our hearts at Sally Lee by the Sea.  Cancer in general, has affected many of our lives and childhood cancer just sucks, quite frankly. Please continue reading and we hope you are inclined to join us in supporting this beautiful wish that’s quickly blossoming into fruition.

Thank you, Elizabeth and Marie

Daniella Childhood Cancer fundraiser page

Daniella Collazo

Daniella Collazo is a precious 2 year old girl from Miami Springs, Florida. She was diagnosed with Stage III Neuroblastoma on May 30, 2014, a very aggressive form of Childhood Cancer. Daniella has completed 7 cycles of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries this year. She was recently discharged after undergoing ultra-high dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant protocol.

Due to her immunocompromised condition, Daniella must avoid public places, including public playgrounds for up to a year.

Silvia Vanni, founder of Mystic Force Foundation, recently contacted Celebrity Landscaper, Ahmed Hassan (host/co-creator of DIY Network’s Yard Crashers) with a request that he build Daniella a backyard playground oasis that is free from the germs of the general public, where she is safe, and where she and her brother can have fun and enjoy being kids.

Daniella Childhood Cancer fundraiser

Daniella Collazo is ready to play outside under blue skies.

Hassan recently shared on his Facebook page, “Silvia’s request pierced my steel façade,” he continues “Daniella is two years old. She cannot do for this for herself, so I’ll do it for her.  I’m not trying to save the world. I’ve just got to create an outdoor space so that she can play outside like a two year old little girl should be able to do. Today is day two of sitting and writing with tears running down my face. I know what it feels like to be afraid, helpless and overwhelmed. I also know what it feels like to be strong for others and yourself, while standing up for positive change in the world.”

The celebrity has opened up his heart and is diligently moving forward to make Daniella’s life a bit easier by assisting in creating this outdoor living and play space that is conducive to Daniella being about to enjoy a bit more of life. Being able to see the blue of the sky will allow her to heal while building a strong and healthy immune system.

Ahmed Hassan Celebrity Landscaper Creating Outdoor Play Space for Daniella - Child with Cancer

Celebrity Landscaper, Ahmed Hassan, is truly more than a landscaper.

Hassan’s dedicated team continues to grow and get organized as all are deeply committed to making this little girl’s dream come true. “We are doing what we can towards further research and solution based, sustainable development for the project.”

Ahmed, and his designer Duane Draughon of Viz X Design Studios, will be flying to Florida in early March to visit with Daniella, her parents Dania and Jose as well as big brother Daniel. After a plan is drafted and designed the team will return sometime in April to turn this vision into reality.

We have nothing more than dreams and wishes.  But because we believe and because we know so many of you also believe, this project will happen and you’re about to show me just how fast.”

– Ahmed Hassan

With your assistance, wishes really can come true!  If you feel so inclined, please visit to donate. was selected because more of the funds will go directly towards Daniella’s play space, than using similar sites.

Daniella Cancer fundraiser profile #TeamDaniella

Help Daniella’s wish come true!

Please be aware that there are no 501c3 taxable donation receipts available at this time for your cash donations.  All other non-cash donations requiring this receipt will be managed by Mystic Force Foundation and will go directly towards this campaign.  Any leftover cash donations will also go to Mystic Force Foundation and be used for research for finding a cure.  Thank you for supporting this unified dream and gift for Daniella.  You can’t stop the power of good!

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Mermaid Madness from Beach Grass!!

mermaid crossing sign

Mermaid Crossing Sign!

mermaid drive street sign

Mermaid Drive Street Sign!

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Discovered on Beach Grass!!

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Coastal Colors from Sand & Sisal!!

coastal colors atmosphere benjamin moore “This coastal palette will help you escape to the seaside with memories of hot, sun drenched days, soft, white sand beaches, colorful shells, stormy gray skies, salty air, and wavy seas.”
coastal colors rainwashed shermann williams
“The beauty of this coastal color palette is that it maintains a neutral balance so you can pair almost any vibrant accent color with it!”

Discovered on Sand & Sisal!!

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Tropical Wallpaper!!

tropical wallpaper designer guild

“A mesh of lush leaves in an array of greens makes us feel as though we are living on a hidden isle.”
blue jungle tropical wallpaper
“Rich shades of blue come together for a winning combination in this jungle-inspired wallpaper.”
hot pink tropical wallpaper
“We love the vibrant pink and intricate details of this bold wallpaper—try using it on a pair of sliding closet doors.”
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Island of Blue Coastal Goodies!!

colorful beach art

Beach Art with Dolphins, Sea Turtles & Fish!

starfish pillow cover

Starfish Pillow Cover!

A portion of all proceeds benefit The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida!!

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