Turquoise is Trending!

style me pretty wardrobe in aqua
Turquoise is trending!  We love this wardrobe from Style Me Pretty! Storage for clothes, vacation supplies or more!

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DIY Watercolor Pillows!!

DIY watercolor pillows
“These abstract watercolor pillow covers were much faster and easier than any of those other projects so they are perfect for beginners.  The great thing about abstract art is it is impossible to mess up.  Plus you don’t even need actual watercolor paints to get that perfect watercolor look – just regular craft paint does the trick quite nicely.”

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Take a Seat in this Nautical Living Room!

nautical living room
This fun nautical living room is super great!! The rope lamp is very cool and the antique sailboat adds a cool decorators touch.
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The Important Role of Hot Tub Chemicals!

The important role of hot tub chemicals

If you’ve been considering getting a hot tub, you no doubt are already well acquainted with all of the great reasons to get a hot tub: they are relaxing, they offer therapeutic benefits, they make your backyard a great party spot, and more! But the reality of owning a hot tub is this: They also come with some maintenance you’ll have to be prepared for. Learning how to add the right chemicals to your hot tub is very important.

In essence, the role of hot tub chemicals Canada hot tub owners need to know is that they reduce the likelihood that water-borne bacteria will grow in the water. These chemicals are specially designed for use in hot water and they also serve to keep the water clean and clear. Hot tubs are frequently vulnerable to the growth of harmful microorganisms.  Because of that, it’s absolutely imperative that hot tub owners learn how to effectively manage the growth of those organisms through the proper use of chemicals.

Hot tub chemicals are very effective at removing a variety of substances from hot tubs, such as:

Tanning lotion: If you or your guests get into the hot tub after a day out in the sun, any residual sunscreen that remains on your skin will inevitably end up in your hot tub water

Natural body oils, sweat etc:  It’s unavoidable. Humans have oils on their skin that will wash off into your hot tub, and with that will come natural bacteria.  

Calcium and lime deposits: Particularly if you have hard water, these substances can build up in your hot tub and clog the piping, which can be very disastrous as it can ruin the plumbing in your hot tub.

Whereas chlorine is typically the standard for sanitizing the water in swimming pools, this is not the best choice for keeping your hot tub clean and sanitized. This is mostly because of the high water temperature. Most experts recommend that hot tub owners use sodium bromide instead. Sodium bromide usually comes in the form of a tablet that can slowly release the chemical into the water at a safe and effective level. Adding chemicals to your hot tub water must be done regularly to achieve maximum effectiveness.  In fact, this is something that should really be done daily. Check the water first to determine its current pH level, and then add the right amount of chemicals to achieve the desired levels. In most cases, a desirable pH level is around 7.2 and 7.6. It should never go below 7.

If you own a hot tub or are considering getting one, it’s important to understand that you must take care of the water to ensure the proper functioning of your hot tub and the safety and health of everyone who uses it. With a bit of daily diligence and care, you and your friends and family can enjoy your hot tub all year round in comfort and safety.

Beach Essentials from Sand Cloud!!

Beach Essentials from Sand Cloud
We’re loving this new Wanderlust Beach Towel from Sand Cloud!! 
“This Tie-Dye towel will be the grooviest towel at any beach, festival, or park. This towel is the definition of “Peace, Love, and Good Vibes.” With its radical patterns you are totally ready to kick back and have a great time! Every Wanderlust Tie dye is hand made and one of a kind with the color!”

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Welcome: Escape to the Shore!

We welcome the story of Escape to the Shore!!

“My husband,Jim, and I have a passion for renovating and my preferred style is coastal style.  My husband loves beaches, too, but prefers more of a cabin feel – but that is a story for another day.  With our love of the beach, we love to bring the coastal feel into our home.

I can tell that I am far from unique with so many HGTV shows focusing on the coast or beach including:  Caribbean Life, Beachfront Bargain Hunt, Island Hunters, Island Life, Hawaii Life, Building Hawaii, Beach Flips, Amazing Water Homes, Big Beach Builds, Lakefront Bargain Hunt, The Hunt for Waterfront,  etc.  Even the most popular show, Fixer Upper, which doesn’t focus on the beach has done its fair share of coastal themed houses in and around Waco, TX.

What makes decorating in a coastal style more interesting is that, although we love the beach, we live in Kansas.  Yep, right in the middle of the United States – no beach in sight!  So decorating in a coastal style is not very easy here.  Most of my shopping is done online, and I find myself spending way more time than I should finding coastal, beach or nautical items for our house.  We work hard to make it have a ‘coastal feel’ without being kitschy.  We like to bring in the tones and colors of the beach with just a few true nautical pieces in each room to bring it together.  Our favorite being boats.  We find it is best to bring coastal items, rustic items, wood & metal items, as well as cottage items together for a more cohesive, eclectic look – similar to what is regularly featured on the HGTV show ‘Fixer Upper’.  We have a long way to go but are slowly getting there.

Since it has been so difficult to find good pieces, we figured others are probably facing the same problem.  That has led us to begin bringing beach, coastal, nautical and tropical items from various sites all together to make both our search, and searches of people like us, easier.  We have just started and so far only list Amazon products but intend to ramp up fairly quickly with products from other sites.  We launched in June 2016 and plan to grow the site daily with new products.  We hope people will subscribe to our mailing list so they are the first to know as new products are added.

For those that love to travel to the beach, we have also added information to help people learn about some of the beaches around the country.  Whether they are looking for family friendly beaches, romantic beaches or beaches full of adventure, we would like to help people find their perfect beach.  We will continue to add more information on beaches regularly to make this a tool that will be valuable to everyone.  And for those who either need clothes that are comfortable on the beach or just want that casual feeling at home, we are also adding clothes that are casual and comfortable, or for those lucky few who will go on cruises – cruise ready dresses!”

Escape to the Shore

While Escape to the Shore is a new coastal business, we here at Sally Lee love their story and idea of getting everyone the coastal goods they crave.  No matter where they live!

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