Beautiful Beachy Living Room from Ballard Designs!

beachy living room
I want everything in this room! Just need a few seashells and a good book.  I’m a fan of biographies :)

Discovered on Ballard Designs!

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Beach Breaks You Can Afford!!

beautiful beaches
“We’re sick of being cold and having to wear four pairs of socks — and our productivity levels are at an all-time low as we dream about warmer climes, white sands, and no-shoes-required destinations. We need the beach, and we need it now. But, we also need it to be affordable. ” 

Thanks to Refinery 29 for this article! 

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Easy Island Decorating!

tropical home decor

Take an ordinary room and just add some new tropical touches like these! We think adding some big seashells would be great too!

Discovered on Coco & Kelley!

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DIY Beach Decorations inspired by Architecture Art & Design!

DIY beach decorations from architectural digest
” Create an atmosphere that will make you feel warm and sunny. Use everything that the ocean gives you. From sea stars to shells, you can make adorable decorations.”

Discovered on Architecture Art & Design! 

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Beach Cottage Decorating from Elizabeth Burns Designs!

sea decor inspirations
“The inspiration here was pretty subtle and simple: creamy sailcloth fabrics, classic coastal accents, shades of seafoam and deep sea blue, and rattan accessories.”  We adore all of this inspiration!!

Discovered on Elizabeth Burns Designs!

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Mint & Aqua Room Decor

mint and aqua coastal style
These mint and aqua decorating inspirations are fantastic! They are light, airy and breezy; they’d brighten up any beach cottage room!! 

Discovered on BlogLovin!

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