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These are Baby Food Jars?

With the cool days upon us I find myself looking for interesting ways to spend my down time (I’m not much of a TV watcher). I was recently browsing through Natural Home Magazine and found this fabulous project. This chandelier is crafted from humble materials. Aside from a few nuts and bolts, everything was either salvaged or recycled. This is my kind of project! They used votive candles; however I would use Sally Lee tealight candles which come in an acrylic (and fully recyclable cup).

This chandelier has all the charm of medieval ironwork—but it comes from the recycling bin. Used baby-food jars, a few yards of twisted wire, a couple repurposed barrel hoops and a length of rusty chain are all it takes to spark images of exotic locales. Powered by votive candles, the chandelier crackles with energy without drawing a single watt.

Materials & Instructions

Photograph By Susan Wasinger

Autumn Fruit

Use Nature to Decorate for Thanksgiving

Bed of Leaves – One beautiful pumpkin resting on a bed of leaves is simple and organic. Scale this idea up or down as space allows: a tall pumpkin would look lovely with just a handful of leaves at the base.

Magnolia and Pinecones – Wide bowls (or even trays or platters) can make centerpiece creation simple. Line the bottom with greenery, then fill with large items such as pinecones or ornaments.  Finally, garnish with a different texture. We used magnolia leaves, golden pinecones, matte gold ornaments, and a sprinkling of red berries.


Fall Fruits – A pyramid of fall fruits and miniature squash plated on a birch-log pedestal is a simple but beautiful centerpiece.