If I Were a House, What Kind Would I Be?

I believe that our homes and yards are an extension of ourselves. If I were a house I would be a little cottage sitting contently surrounded by a lush cottage garden of meandering vines, roses and fields of daisies.  I’d definitely have some classic and structured elements thrown in; but there is no precise blueprint for a typical cottage garden. It is crowded and carefree, not formal or pretentious. Meredith Grenier describes this garden style perfectly, “The cottage garden is the stuffy horticultural world’s hippie stepchild – a rollicking, uncontrolled riot of plants, all growing in reckless abandon. A botanical free spirit.

Yes, a botanical free spirit, that sounds just like me or the term “controlled chaos” comes to mind!  After searching, through what seemed like hundreds of images, I finally selected this one to represent myself.  What do you think?

Maybe you are a classic and traditional white house sitting atop a hillside; which looks upon the landscape below.  Your lawns are perfectly manicured and shrubs regularly trimmed to perfection.

Are you a little different?  a little bit funky perhaps? At first glance, this cottage located in Carmel, California looks like a traditional cottage.  If you look a little closer you’ll notice the funky and cool styling of the chimney.  How about the rounded front door entrance and the angles of roof and windows…they are anything but formal and stuffy.

The sloped roof adds instant flair to this cottage; which is also located in beautiful Carmel by the Sea.  The glass french doors offer open arms to visitors.  Artistic wood trimmed windows and doors give this cottage an old time and homey feel.  Big trees provide shade and comfort to this little quaint little home. Is this you?

This formal cottage is a little piece of heaven.  A fence keeps the home protected and the windows, chimney and roof line are definitley on the straight and narrow. The cottage’s hard lines are softened by rambling roses; which hint at a bit of romance within.  The garden is mainly formal in nature, just like the accompanying cottage. Even though the fence is classic, freshly painted and straight; notice the styling of the pickets…they are an unusual high/low design.

Have you decided what type of cottage home you are?  Maybe you like elements of each and every one of them?  We personally spent too many years worrying about what our family, friends and neighbors thought of our home (size, color, landscaping, neighborhood).  Don’t get me wrong, we’re not going to put up a 20 foot purple elephant in our front yard anytime soon; but we’ve moved to the neighborhood we like, we don’t try to “keep up with the Joneses,” we’ve selected a lovely yellow (which isn’t a vogue color for the area) to repaint our home in because it makes us smile and represents the sunshine and happiness in our hearts.

The final question to you is, “If you were a house, what kind would you be?”  Life’s short…be true to yourself!



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