America’s Best Beach Boardwalks

My beloved Long Beach Peninsula, which I’m honored to call home, has been selected by Travel & Leisure magazine as having one of America’s Best Beach Boardwalks!

Long Beach, Washington Boardwalk

“On the isolated Long Beach Boardwalk, built over cool, windswept dunes in southwestern Washington, bird-watchers flock to see adorable but endangered snowy plovers in one of the few places in the world where they still nest. Parents wander with their children on paths trod by Captain William Clark in 1805, when members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition explored here.Oregon resident Bonnie Teschner Carey has been visiting Long Beach since she was a child 60 years ago: “It’s still a quiet place, not trendy, not known,” she says, “just like when I was a child.” Only now it has a boardwalk, so even with two knee-replacements she can still enjoy the beach.”

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