Seashell Chic

Adding seashells to your interior design immediately creates the feel of a seaside cottage – here are some easy to create ideas!
Tabletop Beach – To show off a shapely shell, pour sand into a glass cylinder vase. Arrange the conch to call attention to its natural beauty. Stand the vase on its own or rest another shell or two against the base.

Star Shower – For an ocean-fresh splash in the tub, string denizens of the sea along your shower curtain. Nab shells from a beach vacation or purchase some from a crafts store. Drill a small hole in the starfish (no need to drill holes in the sand dollars — they have one), string them on cotton cording, and loop the cording through the shower rings. You can also hang individual shells from lengths of twine or ribbon.

Shell Bowl – This is a pretty way to display large shells in a bathroom. One bowl-shaped shell is filled with a variety of shells and soaps, then topped with a pretty starfish.

Shells On Display – Large shells, individually displayed, are as attractive as fine sculpture. Look for perfect pieces that will sit flat or be propped up on a stand or pedestal.

A Textural Display – Shells appear in a wide range of neutral tones including white, beige, tan, and brown. Display their variety in an arrangement like this one — piled high with texture and interest in clear glass vases.

Gone Shelling – This home captures the essence of the beach in a nontraditional spot. Conch shells line these stairs, giving family members a place to show off their favorite shell treasures.

Looking for even more beachy inspiration? Check out Shell Chic: The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home With Seashells

Life’s A Beach – Enjoy!



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