Inspired by Flowers

I’m inspired by many things in the world around me; however flowers have to be at the top of my list. The numerous hues of sunshine that they bring to my little world, well, simply make me happy. Today I share some of the fabulous flower photos and ideas from around the Blogosphere. I hope they inspire you to have a happy day…

Sheri from The Simasek-Kibler Project was inspired by the sun…”What is happier than this? Doesn’t she look like she’s looking up at God and just welcoming the day? I love the way the face tilts toward the sun.”

Sunflower – The Simasek-Kibler Project

Living with Lindsay was inspired by the Pottery Barn Catalog. “I added a few handfuls of seashells to the bottom of a small, fishbowl style vase. I have a ton of seashells lying around that I purchased at my last trip to the beach.” Isn’t it wonderful?

Pottery Barn Inspired Display by Living with Lindsay

Are you ready for some serious cuteness? Well, check out this little project by Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville.  Leigh took her niece’s rain boots (that used to belong to her daughters) and turned them into Pink Petunia Planters! Aren’t they adorable?

Pink Petunias grace adorable Pink Boots
by Tales from Bloggeritaville

Front Porch Planters combined with a wicker chair just screams, “Charming!” Sense and Simplicity’s mother made this gorgeous wicker chair about 10 years ago. “She had no room for it at her house, so I helped her out and put it on my porch.” We think it looks fabulous!

Sense & Simplicity’s Front Porch

David says that I should share one of my photos with you (since I spend so much time taking pictures of flowers every day).  Our driveway is lined with flowering plum trees and each Spring they burst into bloom with these soft pink and delightfully scented blossoms. The neighbors think I’m some strange lady that stands in her driveway staring at trees! LOL! I’m really just enjoying the colors and aroma they provide.

Flowering Plum blossoms
What inspires you, my friends? Flowers, sand, seashells, clouds??
Whatever it is, make time to enjoy it each and every single day!

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