Long Beach: My Favorite Things

My lovely daughter, Elizabeth, recently visited and let me know in no uncertain terms that I needed to get outta the house and be a tourist for the day. Of course, I complied, since she is not only my daughter but my best friend. When your best friend tells you to relax and take the day off then it’s a good indication that you’ve been working a little too much.

I’ve compiled a few shots of my favorite things around town and my day with the kid…

The beauty of the Beach!

Brightly colored shingles which adorn downtown shops!

Our bakery filled with tasty delights!

Flower boxes bursting with California Poppies!
Whimsical carousel horses which dance for all to see!

Old fashioned street lamps & festive flags wherever you go!

A box full of friendly Daisies!

A proud Fishermen carved out of wood.
A yard filled with a kaleidascope of Floats!

A little cottage in Seaview named ‘The Shoebox Inn’
Storefronts covered with a rainbow of color!

Silly windsocks which delight young & old!

Watching my daughter enjoy the beauty of nature

…and becoming childlike when the surf comes in!

Sharing a smile with my favorite gal!

and enjoying the reminder which she wrote in the sand…

I’ll be “relax”ing over the weekend and stepping away from the blog for a few days. We wish you, your family and friends a safe and wondrous Independence Day!

Flag over Long Beach, Washington

For more information about the Long Beach Peninsula, visit FunBeach.com!

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