A Patio with Coastal Charm

Bringing a bit of coziness to your outdoor areas is easier than you may think.  Being outside is part of living the coastal lifestyle and we are lucky enough to have a covered patio area; which is attached to the side of our detached garage. The area  has basically just been used to walk in and out of the garage and store garden tools….sooooo….I put the garden tools into the garden shed (imagine that!) and dug out some polyester white curtains and curtain clips which I’d been saving for a rainy day.

Brass cup hooks worked for hanging the curtain clips from and a quick spray of waterproofing spray protects the fabric from splashes of water if its windy. Waterproofing spray can usually be found in the camping section of department stores or near the adhesives in hardware stores.  Rope found on the beach was used for curtain tie backs.

The previous owner of our home had left a Victorian-style  framed mirror as well as some ceramic owls in the garage.  A spray of white paint brought them back to life and worked great for decorating the patio walls.  We found some starfish on the beach last year; but once dried they didn’t turn out as nice as I had hoped so they, too, got a coating of white paint.

A galvanized pail full of floats, bobbles and seashells found on the beach add some coastal charm. Pansies add some addition sunshine to the area.

Our outdoor room has become a favorite place to enjoy morning coffee while watching the birds…or just
sitting and listening to the surf hit the shore.



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