Roses in Coastal Living

I guess that not everyone immediately thinks of roses when dreaming of a coastal lifestyle…however coastal gardens are one of the most important things about coastal living…as far as I’m concerned!
A fabulous ruffled rose in a gorgeous apricot color was just as fragrant as beautiful.
Gardens should evoke a calmness within you which makes you instantly saunter through them just as a calm overtakes you when your toes hit the warm sand of a beach.  The beauty and aroma of a rose instantly relaxes and soothes your spirit, just as the smell of salt air washes away the troubles of your day.
The beautiful detailing on this garden bench was extremely charming
On my recent jaunt to Seattle my daughter, Elizabeth, took me to the Woodland Park Zoo’s Rose Gardens; which I hadn’t seen in more than a decade.  Seattle, with its moderate climate, is fortunate in having one of the finest rose growing environments in the world.  My coastal location shares this wonderful environment.
Elizabeth and I enjoying the sunshine, roses & our time together!
“The Rose Garden offers a splendid setting for flower lovers to
stroll the grass pathways circulating through 2-1/2 acres of rose
displays. The garden’s extensive array of bush roses, hybrid teas,
miniatures, climbers, tree roses, and All-America test varieties blends
elegantly with the garden’s formal architectural design to create a
memorable showcase landscape. A total of 280 varieties and over 5,000 individual plants are a rose lovers paradise.”  I must admit that I felt like I was in heaven on earth!
This gorgeous climbing rose swayed in the breezes with its 5″ plus blooms.
Even though she experienced her first yellow jacket sting on our garden visit,  Elizabeth quickly recovered and enjoyed the garden views…      
Even the sidewalk which runs along the gardens are gorgeous!
A simple white rose is one of my favorite things in the world!
These bushes were covered with little tiny roses in a soft pink color.
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