{Coastal Crafts} Sailboat Switchplate Covers

A touch of whimsy is the perfect accent for any beach home. Since I recently added some Seaglass Blue walls to our home, I thought it would be fun to add some beachy switch plate covers to incorporate the color here and there.


I decided to make my own so I dug through some old boxes for postcards or something that I could use and found a pack of 5″ x 7″art cards from IKEA which featured watercolor sailboats – PERFECT!  The IKEA art cards were easily turned into beautiful light switch covers…it only took me 45 minutes to complete these four ~ here’s how I did it.


Switch Plates photographed while the varnish dried…



  • Measure and cut your artwork to size.
  • Carefully use your fingernail to separate & pull the backing paper off of the art card/postcard.
  • Using a brush, cover the light switch cover with a thin and even layer of tacky glue.
  • Lay artwork gently onto tacky glue and carefully smooth with fingers.
  • Use an X-acto knife to cut an X in the switch openings, fold paper to back of plate (use a bit of glue to hold paper in its place)
  • A sharpened pencil works perfectly for gently poking through the screw holes.
  • Let dry & then brush with several coats of your favorite interior varnish.
  • Paint the screw heads with a coordinating paint color to blend into design.
  • Install & enjoy!



Get creative by using postcards, pictures from magazines, greeting cards, sheet music or anything your imagination can think of AND the most important thing of all…have FUN!!


Completed project . . .We love the new look!!

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