Beach Grass Cottage: Sea Glass, Seashells & Starfish

If you are a lover of all things coastal (and we know you are!) then you’ll love our coastal partner, Beach Grass Cottage!

Beach Grass Cottage offers an extremely wide variety of artisan made beach home decor including seashell frames, beach glass and starfish mirrors. Each coastal product is handmade or hand designed in their studio, one item at a time. No production lines, no craft glue guns, no cookie cutter designs!  We hope you appreciate the time and quality involved in making products that are not mass produced.

An Artisan created Seashell Mirror is made with Aqua, Blue and Green Sea Glass and White Starfish. This beach home frame would be a beautiful gift for any lover of the sea . . .

Both useful AND beautiful. . . The Magnetic Message Board is adorned with Starfish and Sea Glass. The board includes all kinds of sea life including sand dollars, starfish of many varieties, sea glass, and pearls…as well as 5 magnets!

Sea glass votive candle holders are made of sea glass in watercolor shades. Line them up on your deck table with candles inside and watch the colors dance ~ These would also be lovely included in any Holiday table setting!

It’s certainly not to early to think about Christmas and Beach Grass Cottage has got you covered!

Their Seashell Christmas Ornaments are glass and filled with sand and treasures from the sea — shells, tiny sand dollars, pearls, and starfish. Each is tied with a white organza ribbon and 4″ round.

This Sea glass Christmas tree is handmade out of overlapping beachy bottle green sea glass, with accent pearl decorations and a white finger starfish topper. Isn’t it cute?

Visit Beach Grass Cottage today for a beautiful & beachy selection of gorgeous home decor! > SHOP NOW!



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