Seashell Chandeliers – Gorgeous or Gaudy?

I just have to know… how do you feel about Seashell Chandeliers!?! I ♥love them♥; however I’ve heard from a few (in order to protect the guilty I will not name, names! LOL!) that they think they’re more than a bit gaudy.  In order for you to make an educated decision I’ve selected a few for you to ooh and aah over (or cringe at if you so choose)…

Eric Piasecki ~ Coastal Living

Earlier this year, Pam of I Love Shelling shared a shell chandelier created by one of her best friends. “Sarah is one of my best friends but she isn’t a sheller. She does her
shelling in my garage when she comes to visit. Sarah is an artist and
this shell chandelier is a spectacular piece that she just hung in her
home in Virginia Beach this year.
” The piece is unbelievable! 

Definitely more of a modern design, the Jenny chandelier is an electrified natural shell chandelier with antiqued silver finish by Oly Studio.

Shell & Sheet Music Chandelier by My Green Gazebo – This is a gorgeous chandelier with each shell carefully chosen to fit and follow the curves of the chandelier. When lit, the “clam cups” glow softly and the sheet music sleeves around the “candle sticks” add an additional detail.

Carolina Rustica offers this Currey & Company Oyster Shell Chandelier – What a bold statement this chandelier makes, with its powerful oyster
shell construction arranged artfully. The chandelier is almost
powerful-looking, like the shells from which it is made.

Elegant Seashells creates numerous styles of shell chandeliers. All
pieces can be designed as you like, with the seashells of your choice.  Their goal is to create a unique piece that portrays your personal taste.
A light, shade or chandelier that will be remembered and enjoyed.


So which is your favorite one? 
Are they gorgeous or gaudy in your eye? 

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