Top 5 Coastal Coffee Tables: Stylish, Odd & Unique

Whether you call them coffee tables, console tables or occasional tables they can be stylish, odd and/or unique. The table can really be a “beachy” accent piece which ties an entire room’s theme together. We’ve collected our Top 5 Coastal Table designs for you….let us know if you love ’em or hate ’em!

#1 – What’s up, dock? The Nautical Rowing Dory Coffee Table

The table features detachable oars – for those REALLY rainy days, 
one assumes – and a fitted glass top that nestles just within the gunwales. 
Available at Everything Nautical.

#2 – The Age of Aquariums

It’s not really a surprise there are aquarium coffee tables…and a TON of different styles!

#3 – Nautical Chart Nesting Tables

The artisan welded, steel base is set with tumbled Botticino Marble. 
Available from our Coastal Partner, Ocean Offerings!

#4 – Driftwood Art Tables

Totally natural gray driftwood with white sea salt deposits is a rare find from the North American shores.

#5 –DIY Idea: Knot Display Coffee Table!

If you want a unique nautical style coffee table, why not put a set of legs on your knot display box?

Honorable Mentions:

Beach Vintage likes to use Trunks as Coffee Tables > LINK
Completely Coastal‘s article on Glass Display Coffee Tables > LINK
Sally Lee‘s custom Sand Dollar Coffee Table > LINK

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