A Luminary Creates Some Needed Laughter!

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately – let me explain…

The hubby, David, was injured at work almost two and a half years ago.  He has had three surgeries on his right arm and wrist; however still lives with daily pain, numbness with loss of strength and fine motor skills.  Unfortunately, he is right handed and has always worked doing very physical jobs.  This injury has changed our entire life and he underwent surgery number four about ten days ago.  A neurosurgeon operated on his spine where it was discovered he had a disc herniation as well as severe nerve compression which would finally explain the pain, numbness etc. going down his arm.

He made it through surgery with flying colors, in fact, they let me take him home 8 hours after the operation – most people stay in the hospital for one to three nights.  There has been no immediate improvement with his arm and he is still on pain meds around the clock. Due to the nerve damage being so old, it can take a very, very long time for the nerve to heal…if ever.

Besides trying to keep up with the blog and my daily “Domestic Goddess” duties I’m trying to help David heal and keep him out of trouble (he’s a “bit” stubborn, aren’t most men?). I must admit I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything going on and trying to keep David’s spirits up. 

I’m a firm believer that laughter is great medicine for the soul and whenever I need a good giggle I drop by Tales from an OC Cottage‘s blog!  This bucket, luminaria or whatever you call it is adorable and the description of it cracked me up and had me laughing outloud. 

“Well, whatever the heck it is, in my world…for today…it is a luminaria!
{that’s a light you put in your yard…usually a paper bag & candle…yes,
we like to live dangerously out here in the West…
sorry, I went all bi-lingual on you! ;}”


“Now, I am a wimp…paper, fire, Santa Ana winds…
well, I’ll just say it…
I get afeared! {ever seen a palm tree explode into a million sparklers? :0 }”


Read the rest of this fun blog post by clicking HERE.  Thank you to those that have been so supportive during this time and to Tales for an OC Cottage for some great medicine ~ Keep Smilin’ :O)



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