Christmas Tree Lights: I Give Up!

I give up…I officially forfeit and declare the Christmas tree as the winner and champ! I recently had a good fight with my delightful fake Christmas tree (allergies make it impossible to have a live tree). It was quite a battle and as I’m a bit under the weather there was just not enough strength left to battle any longer.

My day started like any other Autumn day on the coast; with a nice walk around the neighborhood in the foggy mist.  After a cup of coffee and hot oatmeal I noticed a bit of “ickyness” coming over me. I thought nothing of it and decided that it was time to pull the Christmas tree out of the box and make sure that the lights worked and that it was ready for all the new Seashell ornaments that I’ve been making over the past week.  This is my “downsized” tree that I purchased a few years ago – one of those “new fangled” ones which came pre-lit. (Oh, how I miss my big old 7 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide tree, I had it for 24 years but it was just too darn big for our smaller lifestyle). 

Our big Christmas Tree…2007.

Why is it that from one year to the next I can’t remember if the lights worked in the tree or not…AND why didn’t I take the time to remove the lights which didn’t work any longer? Procrastination maybe or I was just so exhausted by the time the decorations came down that I tossed stuff in and didn’t worry about it! 

Well….I pulled my tree out of the box and there were lights everywhere!! Yes, I had forgotten that most of the lights in my “pre-lit” tree had died.  I had left them in the tree and in my haste just added more lights into the tree…I know, lazy! ;o)  I got the bottom half of the tree to stand upright and got those lights plugged in – here’s how my beautiful lights look…LOL!!

Yes, that’s right, that tiny little group of  lights are the only ones working on my tree!! I plugged in all the cords I could find to see if any more worked from the top or those strewn around the box and guess what? You guessed it – about 1/4 of them worked and that was it!! Eh gads. I’m starting to feel a bit “ickier” now.

Determined to fix the problem correctly I began removing all the lights from the bottom of the tree; which is easier said than done.  Taffy decided to assist me by giving the unlit bulbs one of her hypnotic kitty stares; but her kitty powers didn’t seem to work this time…

After a good long…5 seconds….Taffy gave up and looked at me as though saying, “You’re outta luck lady. I can’t help anymore, I’ve got some belly cleaning to do!”

After 45 minutes I claimed defeat and decided to take care of myself from the “ick” which was now in my head.  I ended up being in bed most of Friday and Saturday even though my dining room is strewn with Christmas lights; a half put-together tree and my in-progress seashell ornaments. I normally can’t stand stuff all over like this; but sometimes you just gotta let go…

I’ve been having fun glittering lots of seashells to turn into Christmas ornaments for this year’s tree….

Glittered ornaments drying ~ photos just never looks as good as in person.

Taffy and I will be re-attempting to conquer the Christmas tree and lights this afternoon…

…because it really can be a beautiful little tree when it’s all decorated!!

My little “downsized” Christmas Tree in all it’s glory – with lights and all!

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