Seashell Sorting Station!

I’ve been in organizing mode lately and was thinking it was time to get some of my boxes, tubs and baskets of seashells into an area where I can get them organized somehow. The best idea I’ve seen in a long time is this Nature Table from The Write Start. We don’t have any little ones around the house but this sorting station is a great idea…and very charming – don’t you think?

The bench was originally purchased from Ikea years ago as a shoe bench; however it’s been transformed into this wonderful seashell sorting station for use during Summer (however I would use it all year on my covered patio!).  I actually have many of the Ikea baskets used (they are awesome!) and I just love the look of wicker baskets with seashells.  This bench from Ikea is a “cousin” to the original one used and is VERY reasonably priced.

“The basket-filled cubbies are perfect for storing other nature finds, such as acorns, pine cones, bird nests, egg shells, and rocks. We also keep important nature-related tools in the baskets, such as binoculars, magnifying glasses, a flashlight, a jar with holes for bug catch-and-release, and little notebooks for recording observations.”

The little chalkboards (so cute!) were recently added for labeling the shells as well as flora, fauna and flotsam and jetsam.  View full article >> The Write Start

Where do you put your newly collected seashells? 
Do you have some kind of sorting “station”?



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