Get Your Home Ready for Guests

It's hard to believe but that time of year is upon us again when out of town guests and family come to visit. The Holiday season can be stressful enough without adding in-laws (and out-laws) to the mix. Here are some ideas for making your guests more comfortable. Think of the things that you enjoy when you have visited others homes and try to incorporate them into your home. 

One of our recent guests couldn't stop talking about how lovely and cozy our home smelled and that she never wanted to leave! I simply put some wax tarts (unmelted) throughout the house; tucked them into baskets, floral arrangements, a dish of seashells, on a shelf and the back of my towel cabinet.  Each room smelled wonderful without having to worry about lighting candles or spraying room sprays each day. I used the same fragrance throughout and made sure that I picked something that wasn't irritating such as a floral. Many people can't smell floral scents without going into an allergy attack so I stuck with a soft vanilla-based cinnamon fragrance.  You can pretty much not go wrong with Vanillas either.




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