Vintage Ornaments for Cottage Christmas Decorating

{Coastal Christmas} Pretty, Feminine & Pink

Happy Pink Saturday, friends. As I sat down last night to write today’s blog post the power went off – – that will teach me to wait until the last minute LOL!

The Washington Coast is experiencing rain, rain and more rain! The rain is now combining with a cold front from Alaska so hail, thunder and temps in the low 40’s are definitely making this beach girl thankful that she has a warm and cozy home to be in. Liz is currently driving up into the snowy Cascade mountains for a Seattle Backpacker’s Magazine photo shoot today (she’s a professional actress & model in her spare time), so this mom is a bit on edge until I know she is back home safe and sound with her hubby (we never stop worrying, do we?).

I just never get tired of looking at pretty, feminine and glorious decorations so was excited when I found all these lovely PINK holiday trees and decorations…they are sure to warm the spirit on a cold and dreary December day.  Happy Holidays to my Pink Saturday friends as well as everyone who can appreciate the beautiful of PINK!





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