{Fashion Trends} Retro-Chic Sunglasses

cheap sunglasses Believe it or not, the sun is coming and it’s time to see what the up and coming Sunglass Trend is for this year’s beach season.

You know the old saying, “Whatever’s old is new again?” well this states perfectly the 2011 sunglass trends…retro-chic sunglasses are back according to becomegorgeous.com.

Some of our favorite styles are listed below. What’s your favorite style?

“The following retro-chic sunglasses will provide you with big ticket details to complement your A-list beach apparel.”

Cat Eye Sunglasses
Cat eye sunglasses first became popular in the 50’s and 60’s, and are expected to make a major comeback in 2011. This design is an especially appealing style for those with square- or heart-shaped faces. In addition to the classic cat eye styles, you can also expect to find modern variations on this theme next year, including monochrome and printed alternatives. 

John Lennon Sunglasses


Also known as “Lennon specs,” this Beatles-inspired style of sunglasses epitomizes simplicity and minimalism. This design is already making a comeback, and is expected to be back in the fashion spreads in full force by the summer of 2011. This style features an eye-catching design that can go well with a wide variety of outfits, from a breezy summer dress to a sophisticated business suit.

John Lennon

The lenses of the Lennon specs are circular and are positioned relatively close to each other, a style that looks particularly good on people with diamond- or oval-shaped faces. Men and women who are looking to soften the sharp angles or edges of their face should try a pair of John Lennon sunglasses.  

Retro Sunglasses
Retro sunglasses are part of a broad category that encompasses dozens of fascinating shades and designs – so many that you should have no problem finding a retro design that compliments your facial shape no matter what it is. Included in this category are over-sized glasses as well as punk-framed ones which will take you back to the psychedelic eras of the 60’s and the 70’s.
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