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Oceans {The Movie}

What a great movie! Last weekend, we all sat down and watched the documentary, Oceans, narrated by Pierce Brosnan (love him!) and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the lives of deep water creatures through their own eyes. 

Originally released for Earth Day 2010,  the movie blends a sense of awe at nature’s wonders with a plea for greater respect for the global environment.


It was amazing how the film made you feel like you were really a part of the action. The entire family loved seeing the little sea critters moving up to larger shells when their current accommodations became a bit tight or the dolphins twirling and jumping in delight!

“Incredible state-of-the-art-underwater film making will take your breath away as you migrate with whales, swim alongside a great white shark and race with dolphins at play.”


“Filled with adventure, comedy and drama, OCEANS is a fascinating and thought-provoking experience you’ll never forget.”

We certainly highly recommend Oceans to anyone who loves dolphins, whales, sea lions, fish and sea creatures who live deep below the ocean’s surface.  It’s even available for download on Netflix!

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florida beach cottage second sitting area

{Beach House Tour} A Breezy Blue Beach Cottage

Photograph by Jessica Klewicki

Interior Designer, JoAnn Barwick and her husband, Fred Berger, enjoy their vacation home in Boca Grande, Florida, on tiny Gasparilla Island. These two are really enjoying the good life!

From the moment you walk up the garden path, you know that you’ve arrived somewhere special! Deep pink bougainvillea and hibiscus brighten the walkway which leads to the wraparound porch of this divinely designed Florida Beach Cottage.

JoAnn is the author of Scandinavian Country as well as a furniture designer. Her furniture design expresses her love for 18th century Gustavian style from Sweden.  The designer’s trademark palette is blue and white; which is featured throughout her vacation cottage.

“Light, painted furniture goes hand in hand with low-maintenance, casual textiles suitable for a cottage at the beach.” “All of the fabrics and textures I used are extremely casual, from ticking and linen to sea grass and wicker,” notes JoAnn.

For the Florida beach cottage, dressing it in her favorite Swedish blue and white worked for a second reason. “The beach is just across the street, and the Gulf is an astounding blue-green. The interior is all about water colors inspired by the surroundings. It was very easy to design, as these are all my favorite colors anyway–all tones of blue, pale aquas, greens, and turquoise. Everything else is light and white.”




Photograph by Jessica Klewicki


A second sitting area in the living room, whose boundary is defined by the blue-and-white toile slip covered chair, is just around the corner from the main window-front area. The sectional sofa and over-scale ottoman ensure comfort.

Photograph by Jessica Klewicki


Seashells, coral and ceramics fill glass shelves; which we REALLY love!. The glass allows built-in lighting to shine through her beautiful collection of beach treasures. Pretty, eh?


Photograph by Jessica Klewicki


JoAnn found the dining room’s Swedish-style chandelier in Vermont. “Every Swedish dining room has one,” she says.  We think that the dining room is cute, cute, CUTE!


Photograph by Jessica Klewicki


For JoAnn and Fred’s ease, they placed the master bedroom on the first floor.  Stripes, checks, florals and a toile mix serenely into the blue and white palette.


Photograph by Jessica Klewicki

A touch of eyelet on the bed ruffle adds a feminine flair; which just adds to the beach cottage charm!

Do you love this Blue and White beach cottage

as much as we do?



Learn more about this beach cottage at Traditional Home, Barwick Beach Cottage

{Favorite Find} Starfish Wreath

Is there anything better than starfish to amp up your beach cottage’s decor?

Beach Grass Cottage has created this divine starfish wreath which is made entirely of dozens of ivory white finger starfish mixed up in a creatively jumbled way. This starfish wreath is made of all sizes and shapes of white starfish, and it’s very textural and cool!

Each starfish wreath is a true masterpiece since each is custom made for you and just like starfish themselves, no two will be alike. Yours will be a custom piece of coastal art that you won’t find anywhere else!

The starfish wreath is the perfect size (15″-16″)  for a powder room, an entry hall, or anywhere that needs a bit of coastal charm…starfish are loaded with it!!

The base is covered in ivory muslin so it just disappears into the background. I added an easily removable nautical rope bow if you prefer “au natural!”  Very lightweight, no worries about weight with this wreath. Get your custom-made starfish wreath ordered today >> Beach Grass Cottage Starfish Wreath

{Coastal Crafts} Beach Bottles

You know that we love bottles and these Beach Bottles, which were headed to the recycling bin, are simple and inexpensive to create.

Andrea of Charcoal & Crayons created these beautiful bottles. She is a talented charcoal artist, mom and obviously a lover of beachy accents.

This would be a fun project to work on during a rainy Spring day at the beach cottage, eh? 

All that is needed to create these beach bottles are simple supplies including bottles, string, buttons, glue, card stock, hole punch and stamps.

It’s actually kind of relaxing wrapping the jute around and around and around (woo, I’m dizzy LOL!)

Do you love words? We do! Write down some favorite ones…


 … and select your favorites for embellishing the beach bottles.  Card stock, stamps and string create adorable little tags!

Cute, huh? 

Full step-by-step instructions are available at

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Sea Life in Pink

PINK! This year’s very popular color can even be found under the sea. Sea urchins, anemones, starfish and numerous tropical fish all shine brightly in their beautiful shades of pink.

Enjoy some PINK sea life today and have a lovely weekend!

Pink it´s my new obsession…

Pink it´s not even a question…

Pink it was love at first sight….

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{Taste of the Coast} Shrimp Salad

Shrimp Salad Recipe by Ocean Offerings

Melinda of Ocean Offerings has got us drooling over this yum, yum, yummy Shrimp Salad recipe from her blog.

“Not only is this a delicious recipe, it brings back great memories with friends on North Captiva. So many wonderful memories revolve around getting together with best friends, special places and good food!”

We agree, Melinda!  There is nothing better than good food, good friends and special places. We love that this recipe incorporates water chestnuts, almonds, and fresh vegetables. With Spring here we’re excited to try out this delicious >> Shrimp Salad Recipe.  Enjoy!

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