{Coastal Crafts} Beach Bottles

You know that we love bottles and these Beach Bottles, which were headed to the recycling bin, are simple and inexpensive to create.

Andrea of Charcoal & Crayons created these beautiful bottles. She is a talented charcoal artist, mom and obviously a lover of beachy accents.

This would be a fun project to work on during a rainy Spring day at the beach cottage, eh? 

All that is needed to create these beach bottles are simple supplies including bottles, string, buttons, glue, card stock, hole punch and stamps.

It’s actually kind of relaxing wrapping the jute around and around and around (woo, I’m dizzy LOL!)

Do you love words? We do! Write down some favorite ones…


 … and select your favorites for embellishing the beach bottles.  Card stock, stamps and string create adorable little tags!

Cute, huh? 

Full step-by-step instructions are available at

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