Our Beach Cottage Garden is Blooming!

Pink Camellia in our beach cottage garden. March 2011.
I’m so happy to report that our Camellia’s are blooming; which means that Springtime at the beach is right around the corner! 
Our pink Camellia shrub has been trying to produce beautiful blooms even with the torrential downpours the Washington coast has been experiencing this entire Winter.  As you can see, this delightful flower takes on a rose-like appearance…isn’t it lovely?
What is really exciting is that the forsythia is beginning to burst with yellow blossoms and that our pink roses and other perennials will begin their transition into beautifying the cottage gardens in the very near future! 
Our roses will soon have lovely PINK buds on them. March 2010.
The “poods”, Minuet and Daisy, are very excited for longer days and warmer temps…as you can see from this picture :O)
Though hard to tell, Daisy and Minuet, are happy that Spring is around the corner!
None of us can wait for our delicious PINK roses to cover the fence and provide lovely visuals in the backyard.
Climbing PINK roses covered with fresh raindrops. 2010.
Of course, we also delight in watching birds play in the birdbath; which sits under a large tree and is surrounded by rhododendrons, azaleas, ferns and such!
Early spring in the beach cottage garden
Our beach cottage mascot, the Cherub, smiles as he knows that the longer days mean that the hummingbirds, robins, blue jays, woodpeckers and owls will come visit more often.
Cherub bird bath. 2010.
Here’s to Springtime dreams and a happy weekend to all!!!

Pink Camellia in our beach cottage garden. March 2011.

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