Beach Cottage Sign: Seas the Day

Beach Cottage Sign

Here we are again at the beginning of the week, is it just me or do the weekends go way to fast?!  I’m happy to report that the sun came out on Saturday which certainly brightened up our little cottage.  The flowers, which are way behind in blooming this year are getting close (hopefully). One of my favorite things to do is photograph flowers so I’m in serious withdrawal this spring.

I’m one of those people that LOVE quotes and words and one of my favorite sayings is, “Seize the Day.” When we needed some beach cottage accents for the kitchen it was easy to choose a quote to use…of course, we added a beach cottage twist!

We found an old crate that had seen better days (don’t worry, I considered carefully if it could be used for anything else first) and a few whacks with a hammer, pulling out of nails provided some rustic-looking sign boards for FREE.  A light pink/salmon shade of paint was on one side so we used that for the front figuring a bit might show through once sanded (and it does).

Sand, prime, paint, sand, paint, write, sand, paint, dry and add a sawtooth hanger – that pretty much sums up how to make it! LOL! Honestly, I used some of the wall paint from our back splash area as well as some of the white from the cabinets to give it an old look. A dark blue acrylic paint for accenting and that’s it!

It’s one of those simple signs that brings a smile to our face each time we look at it…it’s the little things in life. Have a lovely day.

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