Camellias in the Morning

I awake before the hubby each morning so that I have time to wander around the beach cottage garden searching for flowers to capture in their morning glory.  Finding dew or raindrops on my flowers instantly brings joy to my heart as I shoot numerous pics. Life is good!
I’m sure the neighbors think I’m nutty as I poke about the yard each morning in my PJs…especially when I’m wearing my pink cupcake-design rain boots. LOL!
This time of the day is available to me to mediate on the little things I’m thankful for as well as viewing the birds and clouds floating along. I always make sure to take a few minutes to stand with my eyes closed and listen to the roaring surf; which instantly focuses my mind and is the perfect way to start the day.  
Even though we’ve had an overabundance of rain, we have been fortunate to receive a showy display of White Camellia flowers this year.  In between all the rain storms, I was able to capture a few shots of these lovely flowers.

Copyright 2011 – Mg Rhoades Photography
Just starting to open . . .
Copyright 2011 – Mg Rhoades Photography
This is probably my favorite photo, mainly because the flower is not perfect yet still extremely beautiful. It reminds me of how to decorate and live…don’t worry about having everything perfect, just enjoy the beauty that you do have.  Imperfections are what makes things unique and interesting…
Copyright 2011 – Mg Rhoades Photography
A sweet little camellia blossom…
Copyright 2011 – Mg Rhoades Photography

Do you take some time for yourself each day?

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