Mr. Bunny’s Day at the Beach

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Mr. Bunny said we needed to go to the beach and hang out for awhile as an Easter treat for you guys, so who am I to say no?

You don’t know Mr. Bunny yet? He’s our garden bunny that dutifully watches over the pansies, marigolds and perennials during gardening season. Whenever he says we need some beach time I’ve got to listen.

I tossed my bunny friend in my bag (head peeking out, of course) as well as another little friend of his and we headed out.  Mr. Bunny wanted to pose for you in front of the surf (photo at left) as soon as we arrived at the beach. It was certainly a lovely Spring day.

He’s a pretty good looking guy, huh?  He seems to become more handsome as he ages (that’s soooo not fair!).

Copyright – Mg Photography 2011

This is our little bunny friend who joined us on our little adventure…however he wasn’t too keen on sitting in the wet sand so he kept hinting it was time to head to the dunes where it tends to be warmer.

Copyright – Mg Photography 2011

We took the hint and Mr. Bunny and I headed to the dunes. We both love the dune grass blowing in the breeze…

Copyright – Mg Photography 2011

 and what a nice view from up here…

Copyright – Mg Photography 2011
Copyright – Mg Photography 2011

It must be time to kick off the shoes and enjoy the sunshine!

Oh yeah, these are my FAVORITE shoes this year.  They are so comfortable and perfect when I want something just a bit warmer than flip flops.  Aren’t they cute? (please note: the hubby thinks that I’ve totally lost my mind for sharing my shoes with you, but I wuv them).

Mr. Bunny and I sat down and enjoyed the view…we love how the wind creates ridges in the sand. 

Copyright – Mg Photography 2011

…and that darn bunny INSISTED that he take a photo of me even though I was all wind blown! Mr. Bunny and I sure had a fabulous afternoon sitting in the dunes and soaking up some sun.  

Editor-in-Chief, Marie Rhoades

We wish you a very Happy Easter and beautiful weekend. See you next week! 

Hugs, Marie

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