The Beach Cottage Kitchen Reveal

The time has come and I’m excited to share our little “mini” kitchen renovation with you. The last kitchen reno I did had a budget of $18,000 – NOT this time! The budget was tight and isn’t our dream kitchen; however it is so much better that I can’t relate how excited we are to just walk into the new room!

Let’s backtrack a bit; we bought the house in October 2008 and it was built in 1989.  No updates had been done since it was erected so we had our work cut out for us.  We had decorated our previous home with Tuscan accents and colors so we were in that frame of mind when we moved to the beach.  Jump forward to 2011 and the ocean has touched our souls with its fury and ever changing beauty.

The color of sand, sea and skies now embrace our home’s walls.  The gray rainy days helped us decide that light and airy accents were not only pretty but necessary to brighten up our attitude. So let’s get to the before and after of our beach cottage kitchen…


The before kitchen had cabinets with old ugly hardware and many dents, dings and huge gouges in the doors.  Here are photos from when we first looked at the place…

Since the cabinets are still strong and sturdy we decided to sand, prime and paint what we had. Two coats of Kilz Primer and two coats of Behr Ultra Bright White semi-gloss made our kitchen cabinets look new! Here’s the after . . .

What do you think? Look better? We think so!

We’ll change out the appliances next, but everything works so we’re using them until they die! LOL! Good thing they match our “sandy” colored walls in most of the house. The oven’s back splash is a piece of aluminum sheet metal that David has been dragging around with us for years.  It was scratched up so I took some heavy duty sandpaper and deliberately made oval scratches which created a design – it looks pretty cool after dark when the light shines on it…kind of like waves!

 An old flannel sheet (so soft and worn) was ripped into some strips for jar ties…

Here’s our new island! It is a detached counter that holds a TON of storage. David helped me add some rolling wheels on the bottom (locking wheels) and it raised the height too.  We’re both pretty tall so it’s great having a taller area to bake or work on crafts and stuff.  It will really come in handy during the Holidays for serving food too.  The clock on the end of the island was a fabulous deal from Ross Stores many, many years ago – have always loved it and can’t bare to get rid of it. Oh, the brown wood door you see is our pantry and we have plans for that in the near future – it will look SO much better when were done with it.

This shelf unit was originally dark red and left here by the previous owners. We trimmed it down, sanded and painted it Seaglass Blue.  The microwave is attached to the top shelf with bolts. It adds even more storage and is super handy!

Here’s a photo taken while standing in the dining room looking into the kitchen.  The hanging hurricane light was a housewarming gift from my brother and gets used quite often during the Winter when we lose electricity.

I painted the “back splash” area in the same Seaglass Blue color that I painted the shelf unit. It adds a really nice pop-of-color in the kitchen.

We replaced all the door pulls but didn’t expect to have to replace the kitchen faucet since it was replaced the first week we lived here. But while we were sanding the cabinets we went to use the faucet and it just stopped working – sputtering & spitting water all over — Eh gads!  After a day of trying to fix it we decided to spend the money on a new one (there goes the budget, darn it!).

A new pendant light from Ebay really brightens up the kitchen sink area.

Total amount spent….drumroll, please….$200.00 including accessories!! $100.00 of it was the new kitchen faucet.

Thanks for visiting our beach cottage kitchen – we thank you for your support and encouragement while we were covered with paint!

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