White Magnolias at the Beach Cottage

What a beautiful Spring surprise! Each April, before the rest of our perennials bloom, the corner of our front yard bursts into white, dreamy loveliness.
When we moved here it was the dead of winter so serious shock & awe was had when a glorious Star Magnolia, also known as Magnolia stellata, burst into all its glory during our first Spring.
My heart just skips a beat and I instantly cheer up when I head outside to collect some snips of flowers for the cottage (yes, I’m wearing my cupcake boots while doing it – LOL!) I snipped a few branches for our living room and am enjoying them immensely…it really is the little things in life!
Our Star Magnolia is filled with softly scented flowers this year…
The blossoms on these trees are unique. They have lots of petals, many of which curve and bend in the wind. 
The Star Magnolia is a small tree, unlike the popular traditional Magnolia, and some even refer to it as a large shrub.
As you can see in the photos, the soon-to-be leaves are actually fuzzy and remind me of pussy willows.  
The Star Magnolia blossoms truly grace our beach garden with their early Spring blossoms…
Besides playing with photos and flowers I’ve been playing with white paint again too…hmmmm…I wonder what I’m painting now!??!?

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