Incorporating Vintage Doors into a Beach Cottage Design

My first old chippy door photo 2010

I’ve got a “thing” for old doors ~ they hold a certain mystery to me. I often wonder where each has lead in its lifetime.  Were they part of a rich family’s manor or a poor farmer’s porch…hmmmm?  They are each rich with history and sometimes they are so absurdly unique that I wish they could speak and tell the tales which I know they have.

When did this obsession (oops, I mean “thing”) begin?  Not too long ago actually.  In December we visited North Head Lighthouse and while strolling back to the car we passed some old buildings which now house a little gift shop and storage.  Each exterior is painted in white with lovely chippy blue paint for the trim.  I insisted we stop so that I could capture a few shots of the chippy old door (and a few windows too) which was met with rolling eyes, however I stayed put in the rain and wind to get the photos. Yep, that’s when it really kicked in.  My imagination went on overload making up stories of the people who had come and gone from the lighthouse grounds…any ways…

Besides being charming to look at, old vintage doors can be fabulous to add to your beach cottage design. If you like a shabby cottage style then chippy paint is your friend but a beautifully sanded and high gloss painted vintage door can fit into a more modern beach cottage very well. We’ve found lots of inspiration for you to look at today so let’s get started!!

Love the colors & styles of these old doors…

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

Mg Rhoades ~ 2010

Why not welcome guests to your cottage with an old wood screen door or a door hung on the wall to create a simple piece of wall art.  We’ve all seen headboards made out of them; however how about potting benches, coffee tables, bookcases or chalkboards for your office?


Simply lean them up against a wall…

or actually hang them on the wall…

use them as a screen…

Vintage doors are perfect for incorporating into craft projects too…

Of course, Vintage Doors are perfect to transform into interior furniture pieces for your beach cottage too…


Coffee Table

Office Desk

Hall Tree & Bench

and the ever-popular headboard!

…Maria’s headboard from Dreamy Whites is a classic headboard design!

Don’t forget about using Vintage Doors for your outdoor areas too!

A garden gate

or a Potting Bench…

…a charming outdoor patio accent piece

…and is there anything more charming that Gwyneth Paltrow’s chair swing made from an old door?

Source: None via Sally Lee by the Sea on Pinterest

Why not paint your beach cottage door with flowers or a fun color??

I’ve got a thing for Vintage Door Knobs too…but that can wait for another day! :O)

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