Stone and Landscaping: A Winning Combination

Sofala Quartzite Wall Cladding

It’s no coincidence that you see widespread use of outdoor tiles, stone cladding and similar features in modern landscaping. Stone is one of the most popular of all materials for high quality landscaping, for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Landscaping is a structural science which incorporates a lot of construction and features and integration of different types of setting around homes, public buildings, parks, residential apartments and other buildings. One of the big issues in landscaping is the creation of high quality, all weather structures. Stone is the perfect material for landscaping in any environment.

Stone design elements in landscaping are also extremely high value, low maintenance and long-lasting features. Unlike other building materials, when stone ages, it doesn’t physically deteriorate and fall to bits. It simply acquires character and charm.

Sandstone pavers have excellent slip resistance

The big advantages of stone in landscaping
Stone has multiple physical characteristics which make it a superior landscaping material:
  • Heat and weather resistance
  • High load-bearing capabilities
  • Chemically neutral, plant-friendly
  • Excellent range of colors and textures
  • Strong and durable materials
No artificial material meets all these criteria. Stone has in fact taken over from other types of masonry in landscaping largely because of its reliability in all environments.

Landscaping with stone, basics
In any landscaping project, the landscaper’s main concern has to be quality. Stone is used in preference to other materials to provide strong structural elements in combination with excellent design capabilities.

For example:
Stone cladding can be used for retaining walls, garden beds and practically any other imaginable feature around any structure. The stone cladding provides excellent design values and very strong character.

Outdoor stone pavers are so useful in landscaping that they’re practically universal. They’re infinitely superior to concrete paving, bricks and similar high- maintenance paving, almost never needing replacement.

North Country Slate Verandah

Sofala Quartzite Entertainment Area

Outdoor stone tiles are another preferred option for landscapers, particularly when dealing with landscaped gardens. Stone is a particularly stable material in garden environments, chemically neutral and thermally reliable. Artificial materials used in proximity to gardens can create a wide range of serious problems, including chemical leaching and massive temperature anomalies which are particularly destructive to plants.

Design features in landscaped settings are protected by stone for very similar reasons. A little outdoor gazebo, for instance, will have stone cladding on principle to ensure the structure is fully protected, and usually stone tiles around it to provide a good, non-slip, easily maintained surface.

Bluestone Cobbles – Ideal Driveway Surface

Stone is also popular in landscaping for another, extremely good, reason. Stone is a natural material which can be trusted to blend well with the natural environment created by landscaping. Stone is now the modern designer’s default choice for landscaping projects. It delivers quality, style and elegance as well as durability and reliability in any environment.
If you’re thinking about a landscaping project, ask your landscaper about stone options. 

The first thing your landscaper will tell you is that you’ve made the right choice in terms of materials. You’ll soon find that you’re being given a range of options for everything from sandstone pavers to fabulous granite stone cladding and other features. You’ll also find that letting a landscaper loose with stone design concepts helps create a fantastic landscape design.

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