Afternoon at the beach

A Bit of Beach Time with the Birds

Happy Monday, beach friends! What an eventful weekend we had…let’s just say that lots of changes are coming our way.  Life doesn’t become perfect just because we live at the beach – wish that was true, but nope, life still happens. My brother is currently quite ill in the hospital as of Sunday evening so if you could keep him in your thoughts & prayers it would sure mean a lot.  We have other “stuff” going on, but the health of my brother is the most important of all.

Since we needed a few things from the grocery store on Saturday, I volunteered to make the run.  I’m not always so ecstatic to do grocery shopping but the weather was gorgeous and sunshine filled the skies with blue so after shopping I could drive home on the beach and de-stress a bit.  That’s right, we get to drive on a large majority of our beaches in Southwest Washington so after grabbing ice cream and honey smoked bacon I aimed the Jeep to the nearest beach approach.

Afternoon at the beach

Wow, what a lovely afternoon at the beach.  It still amazes me how in June there is hardly anyone else around except for me and the birds.


After driving a while I found a nice spot to park and flock with some of the birds.  Caspian Terns and Gulls hang out together but the Terns loudly let me know that I wasn’t welcome to join them.


This guy had his feathers ruffled by my presence too.



But these gulls didn’t mind me at all and let me snap lots of pics of them…it was almost as if they were posing – silly guys!



Oops, the sandals got wet so I guess it’s time to get those toes (that seriously need a pedicure)  into the wet sand…..aaaaaahhhhhhhh…..


…and the sun is SHINING brightly!!



and look what I found — my SMILE!!!  It’s amazing how hanging out with some birds in the sand can brighten the attitude :O)



Well, I figured that the ice cream was surely melting by now so I had better get heading home but look what I found on my way!


A surfer (crazy guy) in our cold Pacific waters…



A beautiful bald eagle looking for lunch…



or just waiting for this fisherman (maybe 20 feet away) to toss him a snack!



The ice cream and I made it home in one piece and I sure felt much better than when I left. I hope that you had a great weekend or at least, made the best of it!



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7 thoughts on “A Bit of Beach Time with the Birds

  1. Lynn@thevintagenest

    If I could drive down the beach on the way home from the grocery store I would think I had died and gone to heaven. We bought our very first 4-wheel drive years ago just so we could drive on the beach at the Outer Banks. :)

  2. beachcomber

    lovely photos! being near the sea is so relaxing. i’m sending positive thoughts all the way from the other end of the pacific to you and your brother!
    cheryl xx

  3. Tracy

    It is amazing what even a quick trip to the beach can do to lift one’s spirits. Great pictures! Amazing seeing a Bald Eagle on the shoreline like that! I will keep your brother in my prayers as well as you and your family.

    ~ Tracy

  4. bob etier

    Okay, I am SUPER jealous. We used to live by the beach in Gulfport, MS, (before Katrina) and I miss communing with the seagulls and digging my toes into the wet sand. The closest thing to the ocean we have in our NC mountain home is the creek in our backyard. Nevertheless, this place IS incredibly beautiful. Your pictures are lovely–so evocative. –bob

  5. Linda

    Hey Sweetie. I will be keeping your brother in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of you too please. Glad you got to the beach! A bald Eagle, Beautiful! Thinking of you!

    XO Linda

  6. Michelle

    Hi hunny! I am so glad that you were able to spend a little time by yourself, your photos are beautiful as are you. :) Your brother has been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be. Hugs to you my friend!!

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