Beach Cottage Mantle

Tips to Create A Summer Cottage Mantel

We recently stopped by and visited Mikey at Shabby French Cottage to ooh and aah at his summer mantel display.  He is one of the few men in blogosphere that loves all things French as well as romantic interior decorating, antiquing, music, and art.  We love that he uses pieces from Goodwill, things from around his home, found, craft stores and such.

Mikey created the perfect balance of Beach Cottage Chic with his new Summer Cottage Mantel and he was happy to share his tips to assist you in creating your very own mantel design.



Five Tips to create your own Summer Mantel!

~ from Mikey at Shabby French Cottage


1. Pick a simple and light color palate. Think beach colors–white, sand, & aqua.


Beach Cottage Mantel


2. Mass like items together, fill a bowl or basket with shells of varying texture and color.


Beach Cottage Mantel with seashells

3. Layer. Different heights and depths of items create interest. Don’t just line up everything in a row. Don’t be afraid to overlap any wall art you have hanging. Now, if you have the TV over the mantle, that’s a horse of a different color!


Beach Cottage Mantel coral

4. When doing any mantel, especially a nearly monochromatic one, having some shiny objects really helps break up the blah! Think about clear glass bottles, a cloche, sea glass, etc.

Beach Cottage Mantel vintage bottle


5. Don’t go overboard! Sometimes more is just too much! Step back and look at everything from a distance. You don’t want it to feel heavy or cluttered. You should be able to see everything, but not notice just single objects. Once you have it perfectly how you like it, it will all meld together in unison!

Beach Cottage Mantel


Isn’t is Fabulous???? Visit > Shabby French Cottage for even more photos and to learn where all these treasures were acquired.

p.s.  Thanks for sharing your tips with us, Mikey. We truly appreciate the beauty you create!



12 thoughts on “Tips to Create A Summer Cottage Mantel

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  2. Desire Empire

    Wow this is just lovely. I love the styling tips, especially the layering of art work. Something I am yet to master. Have a great weeks gals. I really love your new blog layout. It’s coming together beautifully
    Best Carolyn

  3. Shellbelle

    Every inch is just lovely, thanks for sharing with us!

    Congrats on your BOLD move, I wish you the best here and you know I’ll be over to visit for sure.

    btw, I see you’re on Pinterest, I just joined a few days ago and pinned this article. Love that site!


  4. Denise

    Love it! Mikey has a gorgeous blog, and I’m so glad you featured his tips here. – the bottle is a fantastic touch!

  5. Emily

    This is beyond beautiful. I love all the different textures, materials and different shades of white, with the touch of color brome the coral and shells. Perfection!
    Thanks for sharing………

    The French Hutch

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