Capiz Shell Mobile

A Lovely Surprise: A Capiz Shell Mobile


My darling daughter, Liz, knew that I’d been wanting to make or buy a capiz shell mobile…so guess what!?!? She surprised me with a capiz shell mobile!!  It was a “just because I love you mom” gift which really made my day!! oh heck, it made my whole month.


We hung the capiz shell mobile in our media room where we have a ceiling fan. The fan produces a soft breeze which lightly moves the shells around and the light through the window offers a soft glow.





This simple addition to our beach cottage  provides a lovely effect which I love – love – love!  Hope you’re enjoying your week.


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9 thoughts on “A Lovely Surprise: A Capiz Shell Mobile

  1. Michelle

    Awww that was so sweet of Liz! I love Capiz shells mobiles and this one is beautiful! Their sounds reminds me of being in the Caribbean! :) Enjoy my friend.

  2. Diane @ home sweet homemade

    What a thoughtful gift! So pretty :)
    I’m a huge fan of capiz shells and last spring saw some strands of raw (uncut) capiz shells hanging in a shop window. I’ve never seen raw shells before – it was such a nice look.

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