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Beach Umbrellas = LOVE

Is there anything better than a bit of shade provided by a beautiful beach umbrella on a hot summer day?  I do know from watching The Weather Channel that the majority of you are sweltering and I empathize.

It’s been a bit foggy and misty around the Long Beach Peninsula this week, but that’s okay because any day at the beach is a GOOD day!


Beach Umbrellas

Umbrellas for the beach (and regular ones too) are on my list of “terribly charming” items which I adore (did you use my fake English accent when you read terribly charming? LOL!). Long time readers know that this adoration for charming things also includes flip flops and beach chairs!


Beach Umbrella on the beach


I dream of one day visiting a region of the world where I can get my own photographs of a beach covered in bright and beautiful umbrellas…



Beach Umbrellas


The bright stripes just make me HAPPY!!!  I mean, seriously, how could they not?


  Beach Umbrellas

Beach Umbrellas


Are beach umbrellas a popular item in your region?


  Pottery Barn Beach Umbrellas

Black & White Striped Beach Umbrellas

White Beach Umbrella in the Sand


They are even FABULOUS in black and white!



Do you love Beach Umbrellas too? I have more photos on Pinterest which you may like!  Beach Umbrella Photographs.  Enjoy your day – – Hope it’s filled with sunshine!


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16 thoughts on “Beach Umbrellas = LOVE

  1. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes

    Thank you so much for visiting me, I was thrilled to have you leave a comment and follow. I love your site. I live about 40 minutes from Atlantic City beaches and love adding beach touches to my home. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo Look forward to more inspiration…xo

  2. Lavender Dreamer

    They really are beautiful! We need to buy one to take to the beach! Of course I WALK the entire time but one of these days I might want to sit down and enjoy some shade! ♥

  3. Jane

    Love beach umbrellas. Mine is a hot pink and yellow flower…the kids would always know which umbrella Mom was sitting. It’s time to find a new one. Hmmmmm….maybe turquoise with crabs painted on it.

  4. Nita {ModVintageLife}

    I love the beach umbrellas! They are so whimsical! Not a popular item here where we are land locked. But Oh…how I want one of these for my yard. Especially this summer when we’ve had temperatures over 100 for over a month. Yesterday it was 109! Today only 104, so far. Actually all my plants outside need beach umbrellas to protect them. Now I’m off to see your collection on Pinterest.

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