Old Navy Beach Style Outfit

My Beach Style ~ What’s yours?

I don’t know if it’s the actual store name, Old Navy, but I sure love their soft, relaxed and casual styles.  Since moving to the beach my wardrobe is all about comfort, comfort and more comfort! Comfort can still be stylish and I still must have a bit of fun (like the scarf!). This outfit is my beach style to a tee!

Beach outfit for coastal lifestyle

What’s your beach style??



13 thoughts on “My Beach Style ~ What’s yours?

  1. Beach Coast Style

    Marie, now you know I can’t wear that lovely outfit in Texas at the beach until it’s winter and that’s not until around Nov or Dec really. But, that outfit is so me! I have so many of those in my closet right now.

  2. Lavender Dreamer

    Living in Florida, I rarely wear jeans any more! I wear light colors and capris year round! But I DO love this look and I think a scarf makes an outfit complete! ♥

  3. Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea Post author

    LOL!! We have a very temperate climate (average of 65 degrees during summer) along the Washington coast so we always have to wear layers. It’s interesting to see how outfits change depending on each person’s location. Have a great weekend!

  4. Diana

    That is a very cute outfit… HOWEVER, it would suffocate in that in the summer… beach or otherwise!! I don’t live by a beach, but when I have traveled to beachy places I am all about sundresses and flip-flops or my birkis…a scarf or little jacket for evening.. and swimsuit coverups.. that’s all I need!!

  5. Jane

    Love that look! But it’s too heavy for summer here in central FL…maybe fall/winter :-)
    I wear a lot of cotton and linen with my favorite SOFT denim capris…often white shirts. I add the “fun” with brightly colored jewelry and SHOES. And I usually wear a large-brimmed hat when I go out.

  6. Michelle

    I am so with you my friend!! I love soft comfy clothes that are breezy and comfy. I am so all about comfort. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

  7. Linda

    Hi Marie – I love that look – for me – It has to be a lot less clotihing because it’s South Florida – in the winter we can get away with cardigans during cold spells, but usually short sleeves (for me tunics) is required!

    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing!
    You have so many great shops – I’v e got to feature some of their items in a post sometime!


  8. Natasha

    Whenever we visit America Old Navy is the 1st shop I always head to…after that it’s William Sonoma! I wish we had Old Navy here!

    Best wishes,

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