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{Travel & Leisure} Surfing in Summer

When I was young I “boogie board” surfed in Santa Cruz but sure would of loved to have surfing lessons and be part of a club.  Now that it’s summer those fabulous memories of playing in the ocean are almost a daily occurrence.  One of our local businesses, Skookum Surf Co.,  located in historic Seaview, Washington recently ran a month long Youth Surf Club which teaches the joy of surfing as well as water safety.  What lucky kids!!



All photos below by Madeline Dickerson of the Chinook Observer.

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Skookum owners, Julez Orr and Laila Brown and surf instructor Nick Haldeman taught approximately 15 young boys and girls the basics.  Dressed in their wetsuits they headed out into the Pacific Ocean waves.  Our local newspaper, The Chinook Observer, featured these young surfers in a recent article (Spending Summer in the Surf). What a wonderful way to build self-esteem, confidence and to learn appreciation (and respect) for the water.


Learning to Surf

“Surfing is the ultimate triple threat activity, it exercises your body, your mind and your soul.”

~ Skookum Surf Company

Surfing on the Long Beach Peninsula



If you are planning a visit to the Long Beach Peninsula then we encourage you to check out Skookum Surf’s website for surfing lessons as well as surf, skimboard and bicycle rentals.

Do you surf or ever wanted to learn?


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4 thoughts on “{Travel & Leisure} Surfing in Summer

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  2. Jane

    I have always wanted to surf….but I am so VERY clumsy!!! (my sense of balance has always been “off”) and then the waves here on the gulf are not usually big enough for surfing. But boy, could I ride a Boogie Board and body surf! It’s so much fun!!! These days, though, I love to just float over the waves…let them move me along with the current.

    I love watching surfers…and young (and old) people learning to surf. On my last visit to Crescent Beach (Atlantic coast of FL), we ran into a surfing workshop sponsored by a group of churches. This group used surf instruction to reach out to young people. They go all up and down the east coast of FL, holding these workshops. It was so much fun watching the children…and even adults…master the skill.

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