Swinging into the Weekend

We’re enjoying a whirlwind of activity around here so we thought that we’d swing into the weekend with some relaxing photos of hammocks.  Yes, hammocks are on my “I LOVE” list so you’re lucky that I didn’t share them with you much sooner.

First off let me explain about the whirlwind of activity today…In Liz’s spare time, she is a professional model and actress and she has been cast as a nurse in the new NBC drama, Grimm.  She’ll be filming those scenes in Portland on Friday.  She will also be filming a TV commercial for CenturyLink on Saturday in Seattle.  We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for another opportunity coming up on Monday which would be for another TV commercial for a large casino in Eastern Washington.   Liz also has over six modeling photo shoots coming up in the next few weeks. She’s a busy young lady and she has a very excited mom and dad (congrats, Liz!).

On a completely different topic – I took some beautiful photos along the river yesterday while the hubby and I enjoyed a little picnic HOWEVER the pictures have seemed to disappear from my computer. I don’t know what happened, but am working on finding them so that you can see. :O)

With all this excitement, the hubby and I can use some rest so let’s swing into the weekend in one of these delightful hammocks!

Photo collages created from my Hammocks pinboard on Pinterest.



Why not get your very own hammock this weekend???


1. Hatteras Mariner hammock from Ocean Offerings

2. Beach Boulevard Hammock  from Outer Banks Trading Group

AND don’t forget the pillows for extra comfort!!!

1. BEACH Burlap Pillow from Cottage Coastal

2. Sand & Sea Ralph Lauren fabric pillow from Beachside Style

3. Beach House Crab Pillow from Caron’s Beach House

4. Green Starfish Hooked Pillow from Coastal Gifts

5. Islands of Aloha Pillow from Island Jive

6. Outdoor Seashell Pillow from Pillow Folly


Today’s coastal article brought to you by these premier sponsors…



13 thoughts on “Swinging into the Weekend

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  3. Maria

    Oh my goodness ~ first of all , I love the turquoise font! fabulous!
    I love the turquoise decorated hammock! Where’s mine? I ask…
    I think it’s still in the screen house!
    It’s August already… time to get it OUT and get IN it!

  4. Michelle

    Congrats Liz that is so wonderful!!!!! She is a busy busy lady! Good luck to her and I hope to see her on the tv!
    I love hammocks, so peaceful and comfy. We had one a while ago, not really sure what happened to it but I think it is time to get another one. Of course I wish I had the view to go along with it. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!!!

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