Vintage Swimsuit Advertising

Vintage Swimsuit Advertising

Jantzen, Catalina, Maurice Handler Originals, Lastex, Dan River…just a few of the names of swimsuit designers who have created beautiful swimsuits over the past five or more decades.  Retro swimwear is back in style and after checking out all of these Vintage Swimsuit ads, we know why!  It just shows that you CAN be covered up a bit and still be fun, flirty and even sexy while on the beach.

Besides the adorable swimsuits, we love the artwork and photography of vintage ads in general.  The swimsuit colors are cheery (and notice all the PINK!) as well as fun but we’re most impressed with how vintage media campaigns seemed to showcase women’s beauty.

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What’s your favorite swimwear style?

Are you a lover of the Vintage swimwear style? or are you an itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie bikini girl?

Joining the fun this weekend at Beverly’s for Pink Saturday…won’t you join us?


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18 thoughts on “Vintage Swimsuit Advertising

  1. Caron

    Marie –
    If you could only see my office! I have old magazine ads pinned up on my bulletin board from Jantzen. Have a special place in my heart for Jantzen, being a Northwest beachgirl!

    Sorry I missed this earlier this week!


  2. Robin

    Oh, don’t you just love it?!
    The best part of recycling the old design / fashion is they are fine tuned and often with better fabrics and construction.
    This was such a fun post. Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a pinkishly beautiful weekend.

  3. April

    Love those vintage ads!!! They ladies were so feminine and beautiful AND they had a body…not just skin and bones! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Holly

    I love these ads and I really like some of those swimsuits! Can’t even imagine having a waist so tiny. What a fun walk down memory lane.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Caroline

    I absolutely adore these ads. They portray what life used to be like before shortie short shorts and tiny shirts. What happened? These swimsuits are both practical and glamorous. The suits portray a lady instead of a “prize” to catch. I love vintage suits, too. Vintage everything in fact. It would be so fun to spend just one day in that era….then again, would I want to come back? Love, Love your post!

    Happy Pink Saturday.

    aprons and Old lace

  6. Sherry

    Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie…
    What a gorgeous share this evening. I love seeing the old adds for the vintage
    swimsuits. Isn’t it amazing how everything was covered on a lady, but they still
    looked so beautiful and sexy? I loved the ruffles and rouches that they used back
    then. The fabric was wonderful as well. Lasted a lot longer than the lycra they use
    today. I also loved seeing the swim caps as well. So darn cute, and what memories.

    Have a beautiful weekend sweetie. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  7. GardenOfDaisies

    Super fun ads! I remember my Mom wearing those Catalina”girdle” type suits when I was young. And she worn her rubber swim cap too. It had funky flowers all over it. :-)

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