Swimsuit Framed in a Laundry Room

Vintage Swimsuits Get Framed!

Long gone are the days when the beach police made sure that swimsuits where no higher than six inches above the knee – thank goodness!  It does make for an adorable photo though, doesn’t it?  Those vintage swimsuits are too cute!


We are having so much fun this summer sharing vintage movie stars and swimsuit advertisements that we thought we’d continue the series today with Vintage Swimsuits Get Framed!

Last March, Liz and I saw some adorable suits when we visited a local antique store, but at the time I thought, “They are cute, but what would I do with them?” DUH! Frame them for art…silly me!

You’ve probably seen this idea everywhere from SF Girl by Bay to the pages of Completely Coastal.  We love the idea and have both a laundry room and a master bath to renovate so NOW I have a spot in mind when we happen upon some in our travels.  Ikea frames are so reasonably priced that if I didn’t have an old frame to recycle, then they’d be my choice because framing can be super-duper expensive.

All photos (plus many more) are  from our At the Beach board on Pinterest…simply click on the photo for the link.








If you’re not one who enjoys searching thrift and antique stores then you might enjoy a visit to Petri Point Designs where you’ll find a collection of one-of-a-kind framed vintage wool bathing suits, swimsuits and antique toys turned into works of art.


Have you created art from a swimming suit?  Would you like to?



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