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7 Feng Shui Rules You Should Follow In Your Beach House

Feng Shui is an art that can be practiced no matter where you live.  A beach house or a vacation home is no exception. Even though it is temporary, you are still living and inhabiting the space, and you want to ensure that you utilize the principles of Feng Shui to make it as harmonious as possible. Here are seven rules you should follow at your beach house:

1. Paint colors – Often, the interior design of beach homes leans towards very light colors or white. But be careful – you do not want an entirely white home, as this will create disharmony. If your beach house has white walls, repaint some of them to bring in more color, but keep it light and do not use overly bold or bright colors in every room.

Feng Shui for Beach House Decor


2. Balance out the Water – A beach house, being by the water, is surrounded and permeated by the element of water. While you should take steps to celebrate the element of water in your home, make sure that you have some elements to balance it out and don’t forget to include other elements, particularly fire, which is the opposite of water. Just make sure your fire element is in the right area of the home.


Feng Shui fire element in Beach Cottage


3. Eliminate Sharp Points – The theme of a beach house retreat is relaxation, so make sure that you are adhering to Feng Shui elements which promote de-stressing and calmness. Use soft, rounded shapes and furniture. Make sure your fabrics are soft and comfortable. Use beautiful shells to decorate – they have a lovely shape that is very conducive to good Feng Shui.


Feng Shui Tips in Beach Cottage


4. Use Gravity – To eliminate stress in the head, neck, and shoulders, hang some plants from the ceiling. These calming elements will help you relax and they can be very soothing. You can also install a porch swing to help with this.


Feng Shui Porch Swing


5. Use Water Elements – You can strengthen the water elements in your home as well. But the traditional colors representing water are black and blue, so you may want to soften these up by using them sparingly or as accent colors. You can also use watery pastel colors. Pastels represent the element of metal, which strengthens the element of water.


Use Water Elements in Beach Cottage


6. Front and Back Doors – It is important that you not have your front door directly in alignment with your back door. In Feng Shui, this means that the good energy will go straight out as soon as it enters the home, and this is not a good thing. Some beach houses are small and cabin-like, and this can be an issue.


Feng Shui for your Beach Cottage Home

7. Watch out for sand – Sand can get everywhere, so make sure that you are not tracking sand all over the place in your beach house. Keep the floors clean and the house free from clutter as well. Sand and clutter can be an issue especially in a smaller home where it is much easier for it to become messy due to its size.


Feng Shui for Beach House

If you keep these things in mind, your beach house will be a lovely retreat which will provide you with much happiness and relaxation.

BIO: Michael Schnippering is the founder of of Feng Shui at Work. He is committed to the true art and science of Feng Shui. Over the years his Feng Shui practice has taken him to various parts of the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Colombia and Argentina.

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3 thoughts on “7 Feng Shui Rules You Should Follow In Your Beach House

  1. Tammy G.

    While we are on the subject of what not to do, it is also a very well known fact that Conch Shells should never be put inside a house. It too has negative connotations according to all Islanders. I see you have a Conch Shell in the picture inside the house. Might want to remove it. Thanks for taking the time to read my comment.

  2. Nancy Yuskaitis

    Great article with inspiring info…loved it! I am in the process of choosing new paint colors for our cottage by the sea at the moment and liked the comment about not using bright colors in every room…hard for me because I love color! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Beatrice Banks

    Love your new site! You’ve gone and got fancy on us! Interesting article. I’m afraid my positive energy may be walking right out the door since my back door is in alignment with the front. No way to change architecture. Sure would love to have a porch with swing like the photo. Blissful!

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