Exercising at the Beach

{At the Beach} 5 Tips for Exercising at the Beach

Autumn is a wonderful time to start an exercise program! Believe it or not, hanging out on the beach is actually great exercise. From throwing a Frisbee to playing volleyball to jogging on a sandy dune. Here are some tips to get you started…

1. Picking up sand dollars, beach glass and other treasures will work your lower back and hamstrings. Remember to bend your knees and have fun!



2. The advantage of running or walking on the beach is that the sandy surface has some give, making the exercise less jarring on your joints. Try walking without shoes to really feel the sand between your toes as sand is a great exfoliant for your feet.


Two female joggers on foggy Morro Strand State Beach

3. Be sure to hydrate before hitting the sand and continue to drink water while working out. And even if it’s not super hot outside, be sure to wear sunscreen (yes, the rays can sneak up on you).

Glass of Water

4. Don’t forget your 4-legged friends!  In my experience, dogs love the beach and will not turn down an opportunity to walk or run. Take them with you to get their heart rate pumping, as well as yours.

Beach Dog 

5. Yoga is an excellent exercise to perform at the beach. The calmness of the waves may help meditation and concentration in your workout.

  YOGA! July challenge


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2 thoughts on “{At the Beach} 5 Tips for Exercising at the Beach

  1. seashellsbyseashore

    Great article. My opinion about beach exercising is just show up with some water, the rest will come to you.
    Soon you’ll be breathing deeper and just plain moving. It has a way of creating a workout all on it’s own.

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