Prairie View Modular Homes

{Beach House Idea} On the Water Prairie View Yields Great Sustainability

It’s a common theme in homebuyers to look for the house with the most space. Understandably, the biggest house tends to offer the most amenities and certainly represents status. However, 21st Century homeowners are doing just the opposite.

It’s true that investing in a smaller house/property will result in lower mortgage payments, but what a lot of home buyers don’t realize is that less space means less occupation, and therefore less energy consumption. Congruently, this means that utility and cleaning costs will be much cheaper. And although it’s also encouraged to invest in pre-built homes, many companies (i.e.  – Excel Homes) have already jumped on the bandwagon and plan to introduce what they like to call “Prairie View” homes.


Prairie View Modular Homes

Much like the kit style homes of the 1950’s, the prairie view homes are split or two level ranches with a couple of bedrooms that sit just under 100k a year. And much like their affordability, all environmental standards are met, and then some.

Sure, homes like the Prairie View offer less kitchen and living room space, but they come fully equipped with all the amenities of a regular home, including energy efficient appliances. And it doesn’t end there; green/energy efficient construction and design extends all the way from the insulation to building materials and water.


Prairie View Modular Home Interior

It’s often said that small construction sometimes leads to obscure geometric design, thus leading to decreased efficiency in air circulation and heat loss. This is not the case however with these kit style homes as they are built with an open floor plan in mind. The best part about the prairie view is that it’s accommodating for a variety of waterfront properties. In fact, many people are pursuing beachfront locations. Likewise, there’s a multitude of windows, allowing most of the sunlight and beautiful waterfront scenery from the outside, in.

These newer, modular homes are very much built with recycled and low embodied building materials that create an eco-friendly environment. Yet, it’s still just as much encouraged to purchase second hand homes as this supports the idea of renewal.

Nevertheless, yard maintenance, indoor cleaning and utility costs are amongst some of the things that are made easier by investing in small home. Small quarters always use less resources, particular in their construction. As we progress farther into this green movement, it’s unreasonable for anybody to push for added space over quality or green standards.

Courtesy of Douglas Elliman, New York City Real Estate.



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