How to Improve your Beach Cottage or House

How to Improve Your Beach House

To improve your beach house, make sure there is plenty of storage, create an entertainment area, build a veranda or patio, have a low maintenance garden and have an outdoor shower.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your beach house.  Installing a veranda or patio will not only add value to your home but will give you a shade area to relax under and is an instant entertainment area.  Many people build kit homes for a beach house and these are perfect because they are a cost effectively way of building a home and can be built by the owner.


How to Improve your Beach Cottage or House

Storage ~  One thing that is handy with a beach house is to have plenty of storage.  A beach home or holiday home often becomes the place to store all those things that don’t fit in your normal place of residence but when you visit it is nice to be able to unpack your bags and put them away out of sight.  You will also have things stored at your beach house like swimming gear, surf boards or boogie boards, perhaps dive gear, life jackets and other things you might use while at the beach.  Have enough cupboard space for plenty of beach towels and spare clothes and even having a cupboard with lots of non perishable foods is convenient.

Entertainment area ~  A beach house is all about having a good time, having guests staying over and entertaining.  Having an entertainment area is a necessary improvement that you will get a lot of use out of.  If you buy a good barbecue make sure that it is either fixed in so it can’t be removed or have somewhere inside that you can put it so it doesn’t get stolen when you are not there, which is common with owners of beach house who might only visit their home on school holidays or on weekends.  Have either a veranda or patio to create shade and invest in some quality outdoor furniture which is a lot more comfortable than the cheaper kind.

Veranda or patio ~  A patio will give you an area for children to play outside during wet days and create a fantastic space for entertaining.  Having a veranda all the way around your home will not only improve the look of your home but will keep your home a lot cooler as it will shade your windows and bricks from the sun.

Fence ~  Erect a good fence or wall around your property with a high gate for security purposes.  If you only visit your beach house on weekends or on school holidays you should take extra security measures to keep your property safe.

Garden ~  A garden will improve the look of every property, including your beach house.  When designing your garden choose plants that are low maintenance and go for a minimalist look that is also drought resistant as you won’t be there often to water the plants.

Outdoor shower ~  Having an outdoor shower is handy at a beach house because you can stand outside and have a rinse off when you come back from the beach, get all the salt water and sand off so that you don’t end up walking it through the house.

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  1. Carolyn

    All great advice and I so do love the kit homes available in the US. American style is just fantastic. I wish we had more of it in Australia.

    Hope you guys are well and powering along
    Carolyn xx

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