Display tealight candles in glass jars

It’s Easy to Create Mood Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

I’m in total denial that Autumn is almost here.  We’ve been enjoying the sunshine in the Pacific Northwest this summer and I’m….JUST….NOT….READY to let go of it!  Seattle and Portland are having relative heat waves and we’ve been cool and foggy for the past few days (but wait, give it five minutes and it may change!).  As soon as cool evenings and crispy dewy mornings appear I start to think about candles and other cozy things.  You?

I’m not digging out the cuddly soft throws yet, even though I may need to any day, but adding a bit of mood lighting on the back deck is okay.  Autumn dining in an outdoor space is a favorite past time of mine so when I found a box of tiny jelly jars at a garage sale I had to snap them up.  Each has a glass lid with wire holder…super-duper cute!  At 50 cents a piece the box came home and I knew just what to do with them.  Candle light on the deck!!!

A bit of beach sand and a few tealights sit on the rail of our favorite outdoor space…


Display tealight candles in glass jars

A jar hung on an old rusty hook looks perfectly charming…


Display tealight candles in glass jars


But what should I do with the rest of them???


Display tealight candles in glass jars


How about turning our old, rusty 3-tier wire vegetable basket into an outdoor candle display?


Vegetable Basket Becomes Candle Holder

Hydrangea leaves placed around the jars on the bottom looked awesome with the sunshine and then twinkling flames shining through them.  The middle basket was filled with local seashells discovered on our beach and the top basket had a Mason Jar, shells and leaves in it.  It actually looks much better in person and it will be fun to change the leaves and/or flowers depending on the season.




We decided to toss in a few hydrangea flowers here and there too…


Outdoor Beach Cottage Decor Idea


Candles in Jars


Candles in Jars


Some old oyster shells became candle holders too!!


Oyster Shell with Tealights


Oyster Shell with Tealights


So for a few dollars I have candle light which produces beautiful mood lighting all around my beach cottage’s deck.  Nothing fancy…just using what we had. :O)


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8 thoughts on “It’s Easy to Create Mood Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

  1. Kate

    I love the idea for the 3 tier wire baskets. My baskets hold some shells and the remotes for the TV and fans in my sunroom. I have alot of mason jars and now some good ideas for their use. Thanks….

  2. Jane

    This is something I do, too. It’s beautiful…simple…and basically FREE! When we purchased our home, I found 2 giant clam shells in a cabinet. BONUS! These have been the base of many table designs, mood lighting, and serving dishes. Like you, I love to “reuse and re-purpose” (something I have done and taught LONG before the phrased was coined!).

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