Tropical Drink Recipes

{Taste of the Coast} Caribbean Cocktails for Tropical Depression

Our friends at Caribbean Travel+Life certainly have the right idea on how to help with the “tropical depression” that many are feeling after Hurricane Irene.  More hurricanes might even be on the way; but we’re keeping our fingers that the weathermen are wrong!   Caribbean Travel+Life suggests you “batten down the hatches and mix up some of these fun tropical cocktails.”  We concur! (and if you don’t live anywhere near Hurricane Alley then go ahead and treat yourself with one of these tropical cocktail treats…well…just because you deserve it.)


Tropical Drink Recipes

Recipe> Tropical Depression Drink

A blend of mango, strawberry and dark rum—this frozen tropical drink from Scrub Island Resort is sure to brighten anyone’s mood.


Tropical Cocktails Photo by: Alina Wilson

Recipe> Tropical Storm Drink

Made with light rum and banana liqueur, this fruity tropical drink is sweeter than it’s crazy cousin “The Hurricane”.


Tropical Storm Drink Recipe Photo by: Thinkstock



Recipe> The Hurricane Tropical

A favorite in the Bahamas, this well-known tropical drink is loaded with lots of rum and fresh fruit juices.


Tropical Drink Recipe Photo by: Thinkstock


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