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{Beach Cottage Decor} Pirate Prints are Fun for Kids!

Don’t forget the kids when you’re decorating your beach home!  Beck of Empressionista does a series called Pirates Promises where house rules are put into Pirate Parlay!  “Stow Toys in the Treasure Chest”, “No Swashbuckling after Lights Out”, “Leave Yer Boots on Deck” and “Scrub a Dub Dub in the Tub”.  The art prints are whimsical fun in the fullest degree. What a great way to decorate your favorite little pirates room.

Pirates Promise – No Swashbuckling after lights out Pirate Art Print Poster

Do your children have trouble learning to stay quiet and go to sleep at bedtime? We have been given all sorts of excuses but a pirates promise seems to have worked.  Hopefully your little ones will remember their promises!  SHOP NOW


Pirates Promise – To Stow Toys in the treasure chest

Pirate Art Print Poster We have been using the phrase “After play its time to put away”, Beck has created this as a Pirates Promise which to a child will urge them to show commitment to promise.  SHOP NOW


Pirates Promise – Leave yer Boots On Deck Pirate Poster

Kids love to be in and out of the house all day, but getting them to remember to take their boots off and leave them outside is the tricky part. By creating this Pirates Promise poster, Beck has managed to jog her son’s memory – he now remembers to remove his boots before leaving muddy marks through the hall.  SHOP NOW

You can have this poster adapted for the wording suitable for your little ones, like:

  • Leave your wellies by the door.
  • Put your boots on the rack.
  • Leave yer boots outside, etc


Pirates Promise – Scrub a Dub Dub in the Tub

Pirate Poster Kids can have heaps of fun in the bath, but do they wash?  This is a fun memory jogger to ensure good habits in the bathroom. You can have this poster adapted for the colors that suit your bathroom. SHOP NOW

Beck also creates Children’s Code Flags and Jumbo Jet Aircraft Flight Elevation Plan for Boys and Preteens Aeroplane poster print.


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