Navigational Charts as Art in Beach Cottage

{Beach Cottage Decor} We Found Navigational Charts at the Antique Store!

A recent trip to our favorite Antique Store was extremely fulfilling as we found five Navigational Charts marked at $3.50 a piece – SOLD!  We’ve been on the lookout for some charts for quite a while so there was no hesitation when we happened upon the bin.  What is even better is that the charts are of the San Francisco Bay Area (where we grew up) and areas around the Washington Coast (were we live now).

We made a quick trip to the office supply store where we picked up some foamcore board and Elmer’s white glue.  We watered the glue down a little bit and glued the charts to the boards. Done!


Navigational Charts as Art in Beach Cottage

Our handcrafted oyster heart wreath, a few favorite gardening hats, pillows made from old flannel sheets and a grain sack provide many interesting and cozy elements in our cottage.

The black coffee and end tables are going to be attacked with a paint brush in the coming months and the coffee table, in particular, may end up with a chart decoupaged on the top (we’ll see!).  We love how the navigational charts feature our cottage’s color palette…sand, white, blue, light aqua plus a slight touch of lavender.


Navigational Charts as Art in Beach Cottage


Since the hubby is a retired sailor, we have lots of fun looking at the places he has sailed in the region.  We’ve found that the charts make great conversation pieces when anyone visits.

The couch is super comfy and in great shape; but will be beautified further with a white slipcover in the future.  The plush beige throw is very warm and cozy and works just fine for now.


Navigational Charts as Art in Beach Cottage


The room receives lots of natural light in the morning hours so we’re often found cuddling up with some coffee and a newspaper, a book or the laptop…


Navigational Charts as Art in Beach Cottage

We wanted a very simple and organic piece to hang with the charts… a piece of driftwood collected from the beach, complete with nails and nail holes (swoon) was used.  We hot glued on three starfish and a sawtooth hanger on the back to complete the nautical display piece.


Simple Driftwood Wall Art with Starfish

Navigational Charts as Art in Beach Cottage Home

We have three charts left…one for the coffee table (maybe!?!) and we trimmed down two more to hang with a custom made frame in the dining room. Each chart with glue and foam board cost a total of $10.50 a piece ~ what a bargain!  We’re sharing with Linda of Coastal Charm and Mary of Boogieboard Cottage.


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7 thoughts on “{Beach Cottage Decor} We Found Navigational Charts at the Antique Store!

  1. kerrie

    I LOVE those maps!!!! I have been wanting some too. And the price, well can’t beat that! What a lucky find. I think your moss green sofa is the same one we have in our sitting room. I have a loose white slipcover from Target over it. (I bought the slipcover about 5 yrs ago, so they do not have the same one anymore but similar ones) Be sure to look at Target online, last time I looked they had some pretty white R.A Shabby Chic ones to order. You can see my moss sofa with slipcover on my sidebar under ‘shabby sofa’. It is very very comfy and so we didn’t want to get rid of it either. BTW thank you for the positive feedback at my etsy. I’m so glad you like your tags.

  2. seashellsbyseashore

    Such a lucky dog to find th those! I’m a tad bit jealous:) when I go to antique shops my husband is always looking at big stuff while I’m digging through old papers and photos. I also enjoy thumbing through old books looking for images I can use. Recently at one of my favorite shops in the area I found the most fascinating booths stuck in the far back of the store. He sells mainly old fossils, and a lot are of shells & coral.I’m a sucker for those! I don’t share those often. We all have our own little quirks, no wonder most of them are now in antique shops now! Good find Marie

  3. Caron

    LOVE nautical charts! I actually went hunting for them at the Alameda Flea market the last time we were there. Great find! I have a couple that I have hidden in the back of my closet for a special project, but so far I haven’t decided what my next project is going to be.

    My charts are of the San Juan Islands, truly my favorite place in the entire world. Unrolling them, and spreading them on my dining room table brings back so many wonderful memories of summers spent on my parents boat….

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