Charming White Cottage Dining Room

A Cottage brimming with Recycled Flea Market Treasures

Amager is an island near Copenhagen; which just happens to have a delightful white cottage on it which we are going to peek into today.  The cottage owners, Inge and Jimmy, purchased the home several years ago and find recycling fun.  The home was decorated with finds from flea markets and thrift stores throughout Europe. “We both have a love for something that is slightly dilapidated. We think it’s fun to mix the old with the new and like to use large industrial stuff, like the dramatic theater lamp in the dining room,” says Inge.


Simple Charm Cottage in Denmark

Charming White Cottage Living Room

Charming White Cottage

Charming White Cottage Dining Room

Simple White Staircase Interior Design

 The bathroom’s cool style is both romantic and industrial…

Simple Bath Design

Inge and Jimmy built a large four-poster bed of water pipes. The bed is positioned in the middle of the room, and the industrial atmosphere is offset by the antique, handmade linens from a flea market in Nice.


Charming White Bedroom Interior Design

Charming Deck

Full home photos available at BOLIG Magazine





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