Lucinda Symons Photography - Cottage Bedroom

I want this Bedroom!

Okay, so this sweet little bedroom is completely impractical for a married woman, since the bed appears to be twin size; however I still WANT it!  It oozes simplistic charm which I’m totally into right now in my life.  I don’t even care that there seems to be a tree trunk in the space! White paned windows, touches of blue in the fabrics combine lovingly with the white cotton…swoon.  What’cha think?

Lucinda Symons Photography - Cottage Bedroom

{Lucinda Symons}

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3 thoughts on “I want this Bedroom!

  1. michele in texas

    The inviting simplicity beckons renewal of self. Exit the hectic pace of a fractured, over-stimulated life of excess and enter the simple irresistible layers of sweet-smelling softness. Bathed in nourishing comfort, wrapped in a protective cocoon, with promises of sweet dreams in deep restful repose.

    I want to sleep 12 solid hours int that bed, and wake up to a sparkly sunrise, roosters crowing, seagulls calling, clinking bottles on the porch delivered by the milkman, scent of honeysuckle in the air, waves softly lapping to shore. Soft fleecy robe of blue gingham checks over white cotton ribbons & lace. The simplest of kitchens renders thick slices of crusty homemade toast, apricot marmalade, fresh eggs from the chickens, thick crockery cups filled with cinnamon coffee. Then a jog down the beach, followed later with a book of poetry, and a bit of gardening. Mmmmm. :D

  2. Judy Schlotman

    This would be wonderful in a converted garden shed. A little hide-a-way. A good book or magazine, a cup of tea or glass of wine, some “me” time.

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