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Add Nautical Flair with Navy Signal Flags

Sometimes it isn’t what you say, it’s the way you say it. International maritime navy signal flags are a colorful way to spell names, messages, or to decorate your home. Give a personalized signal flag banner or wall hanging as a nautical wedding decoration, an unusual boating gift, or just for the plain fun of it!

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When I walk though my door it’s one of the first things that I see.  It really brightens up a room and coordinates all of my nautical things that I have around the house.  Window treatments can be simple or elaborate.  If you have blinds they can simply hang from a single curtain rod above the top as seen in the picture below.” – Kathy of IB Designs


Nautical Flags for Cottage Exteriors


What are Nautical Signal Flags?

Back before wireless radio and telegraph, ships at sea needed a way to communicate from a distance. With their probable beginnings in the 18th century, code flags have evolved into the patterns accepted today. Our flags use the same patterns as those of the US Navy.


USS New York - Battle Of Santiago-1898


International signal flags continue to be useful today. Ships moving in and out of port fly their radio call sign so that they can be quickly identified by harbor masters. Additionally, with modern electronic surveillance tools, naval battle groups use signal flags to maintain radio silence.

There are 26 naval signal flags corresponding to the letters of the English alphabet. Then there are 10 numeric pennants, from 0-9. Additionally, certain repeater flags are used to pass information about the message itself. For example, a code that indicates a previous flag is repeated. Finally, there are a few special code flags, such as “Diver Down,” meaning there’s an underwater diver in the vicinity (so drive carefully).

Probably because of their colorful designs, a fully “dressed” ship flies all the flags for special occasions. In fact, the Navy Department specifies the order in which the flags are hung (hoisted).


Ocean Cottage


Bedroom with Vertical Flags


Are you ready to order some personalized Nautical Code Flags??? IB Designs offers…

Horizontal Rope Banners; Coastal Decor Nautical Valances; Signal Flag Vertical Hanging Ladders and Bravo-Zulu Awards.

“All our flags have a white cotton back lining (e.g., the letters “b” and “z” to the left). The backing makes the colors nice and bright, but it also means the pattern can only be seen from one side – the front. As we’ve said, our banners aren’t designed to be hoisted up a mast on a sailboat.”

Visit IB Designs for all your Nautical Code Flag needs….

and add that Nautical Flair to your Beach Cottage today!



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